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Eventually, both Martin and Gina get new jobs in Los Angeles. Before leaving for the West coast, they get together with their friends, Tommy, Cole and Pam and reminisce about the good old days like the time the gang rigged Martin's apartment on Halloween to scare the living daylights out of him when their séance conjures the spirit of old man Ackerman; or the time Martin saves the life of an African prince at an exclusive dinner party; or when Martin mistakenly thinks Gina is plotting to kill him for his insurance money; or the time Gina hires a plumber and he drops dead in their bathroom or the time Brother Man borrows Martin's CD player without his permission and Martin blames his friends for the theft.

Oh well, all good things must come to an end. Bye Bye, Martin and Gina. Good Luck. Detroit will miss you. And, when you get to Los Angeles, don't forget to ask...Whazz-Uuup!?

The cast of MARTIN
(L-R) Tommy, Gina, Martin, Pam and Cole

TRIVIA NOTE: Born April 16, 1965 in Frankfurt am Mein in Hessen, Germany, the 5' 7" Martin Lawrence, an Air Force brat, moved to the USA when he was six years old after his Dad got out of the service. Martin later graduated from Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Landover, Maryland. During his teens he was classed as a Mid-Atlantic Golden Gloves boxing contender. Always a cutup in class, (his school teacher gave his the last few minutes of every the class to entertain his fellow students)

Martin debuted on TV in the role of Marcus Warfield, a smart-mouthed busboy on the sitcom WHAT'S HAPPENING, NOW!! (1987-88). By 1986 Martin had his own cable show called ONE NIGHT STAND, and then moved onto become a successful the host of HBO's DEF COMEDY ALL STAR cable specials in 1999. He married (then divorced) Patricia Southall, a former Miss Virginia.

During and after his series MARTIN, Lawrence starred in a string of theatrical films including Bad Boys (1995), A Thin Line Between Love and Hate (1996), Nothing to Lose (1997), Life (1999), Blue Streak (1999), Big Momma's House (2000); What's the Worst That Could Happen (2001); Black Knight (2001); and National Security (2003). Martin made his movie debut playing a minor role in Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing (  In the summer of 2003, Lawrence reprised his role as undercover police officer Marcus Burnett in the action film Bad Boy II costarring Will Smith (of FRESH PRINCE OF BEL AIR fame).  Martin also produced a highly successful concert film You So Crazy in 1994 filled with a volley of crude, vulgar humor.

Throughout Martin's career, his private life has been fodder for the magazine writers because of his off-camera antics that included possession of loaded hand gun at an airport, his collapse from heat exhaustion while jogging; being arrested for fighting in Hollywood nightclubs, allegedly hitting a disc jockey in the head with a champagne bottle after proposing a toast at Martin's 1995 bachelor party; carrying a gun and yelling and screaming in the middle of a busy intersection, and sexual harassment allegations. Reportedly, Martin Lawrence has since cleaned up his act and is drug, weapons, and alcohol free.

Tisha Campbell was born October 12, 1968 in Oklahoma City, OK. She graduated from Newark Arts High School in Newark, NJ. Tisha pursued a singing career and appeared as Chiffon, a background singer in the sci-fi film The Little Shop of Horror (1986) and later produced an album in the mid 1990s. Tisha is also a member of Diva Simply Singing, a group that raises funds for AIDS. Campbell's acting career has included both movies and TV.

In 1974 Tisha appeared as herself on the PBS educational series THE BIG BLUE MARBLE (1974-1983) with stories from children around the world. She later appeared as orphan Marva Foley on the sitcom RAGS TO RICHES (1987). In 1991, she played Kathleen, the girlfriend of Will Smith on the sitcom FRESH PRINCE OF BELL AIR; and appeared as Rosalee Lincoln, the daughter of a Washington, DC tavern owner on the sitcom LINC'S (1998-2000).

Tisha later costarred in the hilarious family sitcom MY WIFE & KIDS (2001) as Janet "Jay" Kyle, the loving working mother of three kids and wife of hardworking husband, Michael Kyle (played by Damon Wayons).

Tisha's movie credits included roles in House Party (1990), and its 1991 and 1994 sequels; Moe's World (1990); Another 48 Hours (1990); Boomerang (1992); Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco (1996) as the voice of Sledge; Snitch (1997); Sprung (1997); and The Last Place on Earth (2002). After her marriage to David Martin in 1996, Tisha's acting name credit changed to Tisha Campbell-Martin.

During the final season of the MARTIN series, actress Tisha Campbell filed sexual harassment charges against her costar Martin Lawrence for allegedly hitting her. She departed the series from episodes 120 through 128 and then returned to finish out the series when her case was settled out of court. But to make their working environment less volatile, Tisha and Martin's scenes were filmed at different times to prevent them from meeting each other. 

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