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"Goober says hey!"

One of Goober's biggest goofs occurred when he promised to answer the courthouse phone while Andy Taylor was out of town. Unfortunately, Gillie Walker, one of Goober's customers complained about the performance of his car engine. So, to kill two birds with one stone Goober disassembled the car and rebuilt it inside the courthouse to work on it. That way he could help his customer and keep his promise to Andy. When Andy returned and found an entire car sitting inside the lobby of the jail, he was furious, but it all turned out for the best, in the end. Luckily, some state patrolmen who unexpectedly visited the jail saw the car and instead of being shocked, thought the car was part of a clever "safe driving campaign" They praised Andy for his imagination and initiative and contemplated copying the idea. However, Andy was still furious at Goober, who quickly removed the car from the premises.

Another boo-boo committed by Goober happened when he mistakenly issued a bogus $200.00 prize-winning ticket during his "Grab-bag for Cash" contest. When Floyd Lawson won the grand prize ticket but Goober couldn't pay off, Floyd complained to Sheriff Andy Taylor who then arrested Goober on fraud charges. But when Floyd saw his friend behind bars, he quickly insisted that Andy release Goober from jail.

When Sheriff Andy Taylor (who once introduced Goober as "Goober Beasley") moved out of Mayberry, Goober befriended newcomer Sam Jones, a gentleman farmer who moved to town and became an elected member of the town council. While Andy was no longer around, Goober could still visit with Andy's aunt Bee Taylor who moved into Sam Jones house to become his housekeeper and a second-mother, of sorts, to Sam's young son, Mike.

One spot both Sam and Goober shared in common was Emmett's Fix-it Shop. They visited with handyman Emmett Clark to watch him work and to discuss the town's going's on. Before Emmett moved into town, Goober hung out with Andy Taylor at Floyd's Barber Shop, a longtime gathering spot for the town locals. Floyd sold his office space to Emmett before leaving Mayberry.

When Goober's cousin, Gomer left the Marines, he moved back to Mayberry and the two became partners in the filling station. And a few years after that Andy Taylor, too, moved back to town and became Sheriff once again. And it took no time at all until Goober and Gomer renewed their friendship with Andy and began to turn up at the courthouse to shoot the breeze, to share the town gossip and to drive Deputy Barney Fife crazy with their antics.

So, the next time you're in North Carolina, y'all drop by and chew the fat with Goober and his cousin, Gomer. Most likely you'll find them wiping grease off their hands with an old rag and squabbling over how to best repair an engine. And while you're at the filling station grab yourself a Nectarine Crush or Huckleberry Smash soda pop. As town barber Floyd Lawson, used to say (they've) “got the best pop in town.”

“...It used to bother me when they (fans) called me Goober instead of my real name, but I’ve made my peace with that.” Biography Magazine, February 2003

TRIVIA NOTE: Born December 17, 1935 in Fairfield, Alabama, George Lindsey grew up in the small town of Jasper and later graduated from the University of North Alabama. He used his newly earned degree to become a teacher at Hazel Green High School near Huntsville Alabama.

Eventually the acting bug, which had bitten at the age of 14, urged George to pursue a career in the limelight. He left for New York to study with Helen Hayes at the American Theater Wing and then George moved from Broadway to Hollywood where he began acting in small parts on such shows as THE ALFRED HITCHCOCK HOUR, THE RIFLEMAN, and THE TWILIGHT ZONE.

Soon after landing a small role in the feature film Ensign Pulver (1964), George became a regular cast member on THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW from 1965-68 (first introduced in episode #123, "The Fun Girls") and continued in his role of Goober Pyle in the spin-off series MAYBERRY R.F.D. until 1971.

In 1972, George appeared on a MASH episode as the wild and crazy Capt. Roy and then began a successful twenty year run on country comedy variety hour HEE HAW from 1972-1992.

In 1986, George reprised his role of Goober in the made for TV movie reunion Return to Mayberry and then appeared as himself on The Andy Griffith Reunion (1993).

In 1992, Lindsey's alma mater bestowed on him an honorary doctor of humane letters degree. In his spare time George conducts the George Lindsey Celebrity Golf Tournament in Montgomery, Alabama that raises money for the mentally retarded.

In 1998, Lindsey established the annual George Lindsey/University of North Alabama Television and Film Festival that gives young filmmakers the opportunity to show their work and learn about the filmmaking industry.

In addition, George has authored two books about his career: "The Way Back to Mayberry" (with Joey Fann) and "Goober in a Nutshell" (with Ken Beck and Jim Clark).

George Lindsey Album GOOBER SINGS
George Lindsey's Nashville Comedy Album (Capitol Records)

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