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(Married...with Children)
9766 Jeopardy Lane
Chicago, IL

Marcy is a loan officer at Kyoto National Bank. She is newly married, ambitious, holds extreme feminist viewpoints and drives a Mercedes. Her husband, Steven Bartholomew Rhoades works as a loan officer for the Leading Bank of Chicago.  To profess their love, both Marcy and Steve wear matching wedding bands. Marcy’s ring inscription reads: “To our everlasting love, Steven”  Ultimately, their sex life is very active and often kinky.

Amanda Bearse as Marcy Rhoades D'Arcy - Photograph Courtesy of Sony Pictures

Living next door to Marcy are the Bundys, a blue-collar family lead by Al Bundy, a former football player from Polk High School who now works as a shoe salesman at the New Market Mall. Bottom line: Marcy's hates Al and he hates her. They insult each other whenever they get the chance. Steve Rhodes often laughed at Al's put-downs of his wife, but was careful not to let Marcy catch him do so.

When she's not a rockin' the bedposts with her husband, Marcy enjoys a night out with the girls. Al's wife, Peg Bundy and Marcy like to visit male strip joints. Once Marcy lost her wedding ring down the pants of an exotic stripper named Zorro while cramming dollar bills down his briefs. Luckily, he returned it to next-door neighbor, Al Bundy who gleefully informed Steve Rhoades with hopes of causing some mischief..

Marcy's marriage to Steve ended soon after he lost his job for giving a bad $50,000 loan to Al Bundy who started a failed phone line called “Dr. Shoe”: 555-SHOE. Steve then took a job with Slither’s Pet Emporium and eventually became a Forest Ranger at Yosemite National Park. From time to time, he came back into Marcy's life with irritating results.

After Steve left Marcy, she got drunk one night and woke up the next morning married to a handsome, but lazy ex-convict named Jefferson Millhouse D‘Arcy who claimed to be a criminal in the Witness Protection Program as well as a former covert ops agent for the CIA (code name: "Bullwinkle"), Allegedly, the government fired Jefferson because he could not kill Castro whom he had befriended.

A man who worshipped a good time, Jefferson's work ethic was just the opposite of his new wife. He never wanted to get a job, although constantly urge to do so by Marcy. Following the footsteps of his gigolo father, Jefferson believed that he was too handsome to work and just liked to live off Marcy's salary. He'd perform in the bedroom, but that was the only work he'd ever do around the house or elsewhere. Occasionally, Marcy forced him to find a job, but he always found a way out of it.

Marcy & Steve visit the Bundy house. Marcy & Jefferson face-off with poor Al in the middle

If not pestering her husband (Steve or Jefferson), Marcy found time to interfere in the efforts of Al Bundy, especially when Al Bundy's male social group, NO MA'AM (National Organization of Men Against Amazonian Masterhood) took on a cause. Jumping into action, Marcy was quick to oppose Al's efforts with her own group called F.A.N.G. (short for "Feminists Against Neanderthal Guys"). Marcy's political agenda supported all sorts of plights against women whether they be fat, pregnant or ugly. And if her group could keep men from enjoying their trips to the local nudie bar ("The Jiggly Room"), so much the better.

When Al Bundy had enough of Marcy and wanted to drive her from his home, he mocked her skinny stature by using quips relating to a chicken, often calling her "Chicken Legs." Once Al said "Look what's crossed the road. It can't be a chicken, it hasn't got breasts...just nuggets." Not to be out done in the insults department, Marcy retaliated in kind. During the holiday season she recited this yuletide greeting to Al in song:

Marcy's song for Santa-Al

Bundy the no-man,
he's as bald as he can be.
With the hair in his nose and rot on his toes,
he's as bald as he can be.
Bundy the no-man,
he's as bald as he can be.
He's into old age,
making minimum wage,
he's as bald as he can be...

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