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To get back at Marcy, Al puts together a "Top Ten List" on Marcy with suggestions to approve her appearance. It read:

10. Wear traditional Islamic garb covering all but the eyes
9. Feather removing electrolysis (Chicken Joke)
8. Ski mask
7. Sew up holes in ski mask
6. Hire attractive woman to stand in front of you at all times;
5. Beak job (Chicken Joke)
4. Put paper bag over ski mask
3. Shave head, tattoo Cindy Crawford's face on back of head and learn to walk backwards
2. Poke out eyes of every man on Earth
1. Get President to make every day Halloween.

Some more Marcy facts: Marcy's early childhood consisted of a mother whose three husbands committed suicide and a number of pet dogs including Winkums and Chester. In later life, Marcy's got a Doberman dog and named it Bella after New York feminist politician Bella Abzug. When Marcy cut her hair short, she was constantly being mistaken for a young man. Having a flat chest didn't help. Marcy likes to role play during sex. Once she and Jefferson dressed up like Al and Peg Bundy and participated in an orgy of trailer trash lovemaking. Marcy has a lesbian cousin named Mandy whom Al Bundy likes, even though she is a dead ringer for Marcy.

TRIVIA NOTE: Born August 9th 1958 in Winter Park, (Orlando) Florida and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Amanda Bearse aspired to acting and moved to New York to study with Sanford Meisner. Her first major acting role was as Amanda Cousins on the daytime drama ALL MY CHILDREN from 1982 to 1984 (with a minor role on the ABC series HOTEL in 1983).

Her early film appearances consisted of small roles in films like the made for TV movie First Affair (1983), and the theatrical releases Protocol (1984), Fright Night (1985), and Fraternity Vacation (1985).

As Amanda's interest in the art of directing bloomed, she studied at the American Film Institute and U.S.C. and she soon began directing episodes on MARRIED WITH CHILDREN and other such programs as DHARMA & GREG and TWO GUYS AND A GIRL.

In October 1993, on National Coming Out Day, Amanda held a press conference where she came out publicly as a Lesbian and also appeared on the cover of the October issue of The Advocate magazine.

Amanda lives in Los Angeles with her adopted daughter, Zoe. In her spare time, Amanda is a prominent spokesperson for lesbian and gay rights in the entertainment industry.


Ed O'Neill as Al Bundy
Katey Sagal as Peggy Bundy
Christina Applegate  as Kelly Bundy
David Faustino  as Bud Bundy
David Garrison as Steve Rhoades
Amanda Bearse  as Marcy Rhoades/D'Arcy
Ted McGinley as Jefferson D'Arcy

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