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When Mark is not scooting around on his new electric scooter or conducting his seminars with a rapper's beat, he finds time to sing in a barbershop quartet, go dancing or visit the local comedy club. One of Mark's favorite movie star is silent movie star Buster Keaton. He placed a picture of the comedian on his office wall. Inspired by Dr. Sloan's penchant for amateur sleuthing, film producer Jackson Burley even made a television pilot called DR. DANGER. In the fall of 1995 Mark served as a teaching physician at the hospital.

Mark is also a silent partner with BBQ Bob’s, a restaurant jointly owned by his son, Steve and Jesse Travis. The only drawback to having Mark visit the restaurant is that he sometimes spoils the appetites of anyone within ear shot when he discusses in graphic detail, his medical cases at the hospital. Once Jesse's girlfriend, Susan, got food poisoning after dining at BBQ Bob's. Luckily, a doctor was in the house.

In 1998, Steve was shot and Mark was convicted for the murder of Gordon Ganza and placed on death row. After Steve recovered, he and associate Tanis Archer hunted down the real killers and eventually got Mark out of prison. With his life back on track, Mark continued to do what he did best: comfort the sick with his humorous nature and medical skills and, in his spare time, play amateur detective.

TRIVIA NOTE: DIAGNOSIS MURDER is a spin-off of the detective drama JAKE & THE FAT MAN (episode "It Never Entered My Mind" aired on March 20, 1991 where Dick Van Dyke played Dr. Sloan, who investigates the murder of a hospital administrator with help from his medical students.

Jerry Van Dyke, the real brother of Dick Van Dyke played Mark Sloan's fictional sleepwalking brother, Stacy on the series. Not so coincidentally, Stacy's sleepwalking affliction was drawn from THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW where Jerry Van Dyke played Stacy Petrie the sleepwalking brother of comedy writer Robert Petrie (played by Dick Van Dyke).

Born Richard Wayne Van Dyke, the 6' 1" actor/comedian Dick Van Dyke arrived on earth on December 13th, 1925 in West Plains, Missouri. He grew up in Danville, Illinois with his parents (Loren and Hazel) and his brother Jerry. Dick served in the United States Air Force and used his dancing and comic timing to entertain the troops.

In 1948, Dick married his first wife, Margie Willet (divorced in 1970s) on a local radio program that paid for the expenses of the ceremony. His four children from the first marriage (Barry, Carrie-Beth, Christian and Stacy) appeared on his show DIAGNOSIS MURDER. For his role in the film Bye Bye Birdie (1960), Dick won a Tony Award and later a Grammy Award for the Mary Poppins soundtrack in 1964). Dick Van Dyke received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1992. Since the 1980s, Dick (a recovering alcoholic) lives in Malibu with his companion Michelle Triola Marvin.

His television credits included: host of THE MORNING SHOW (1955-56); host of CBS CARTOON THEATRE (1958); the star of THE CHEVY SHOWROOM (1958); host of MOTHER'S DAY (1958); host of LAUGH LINE (1959); as Robert Petrie on the sitcom THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW (1961-66); as Dick Preston on the sitcom THE NEW DICK VAN DYKE SHOW (1971); host of VAN DYKE & COMPANY (1976); as Dick Burgess on the sitcom THE VAN DYKE SHOW (1988); and as Dr. Mark Sloan on the medical drama DIAGNOSIS MURDER.

Dick Van Dyke's movie credits included: as Albert Peterson in Bye, Bye Birdie (1963); as Bert, the chimney sweep in the Disney film Mary Poppins (1964); as Lt. Robinson Crusoe in the Disney film Lt. Robinson Crusoe U.S.N. (1966); as Claude Fitzwilliams in Fitzwilly (1967); as Caractacus Potts in Chitty Chitty Bang, Bang (1968); as Reverend Clayton Brooks in Cold Turkey 1971); and as Weller Martin in The Gin Game (2003 - with his former co-star Mary Tyler Moore).


Dick Van Dyke  as Dr. Mark Sloan
Victoria Rowell  as Dr. Amanda Bentley Livingston
John J. Dalesandro as Terry Schaeffer
Barry Van Dyke as Det. Lt. Steve Sloan
Charlie Schlatter as Dr. Jesse Travis 
Deke Anderson as Construction worker
Scott Baio as Dr. Jack Stewart 
Stephen Caffrey as Dr. Jack Parker 
Vince Duque as Security Guard
Cynthia Gibb. as Dr. Amanda Bentley (Pilot)
Susan Gibney as Sgt. Tanis Archer
Delores Hall as Delores
Bobby Harwell  as Hawk
Jim Hatch as Bill Reynolds
Lindsey Haun as Little girl
Michael David Lally as Pauli Rupp
Michael Tucci as Norman Briggs
Mikki Val as Emergency Room nurse
Joanna Cassidy as Dr. Madison Wesley
Shane Van Dyke as Med Student Alex Smith
Jerry Van Dyke as Stacy Sloan, Mark's brother

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