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Larry, Cindy, Ralph Furly, Terri, Jack and Janet - THREE'S COMPANY
(top row) Larry, Cindy, Ralph Furley
 (bottom row)  Terri, Jack and Janet

Of all of his relatives, Jack has a number of memories about his father. One embarrassing moment happened during a little league game, when Jack's father ran out in the middle of a game and caught a fly ball for him.

One happier moment that Jack recalls happened when he was nine year old. This is when Jack and his dad entered a talent show at a Kiwanis picnic and sang an old English folk song [Jack did the sound effects: "Oh, there was an old man and he had a sow...."].

In high school Jack almost got expelled from Junior High, but his father came to the rescue and talked vice-principal Davis into changing his mind.

Years later, Jack's father again came to his rescue when he talks Mr. Angelino, Jack's former boss, out of turning the building where Jack operated his restaurant [Jack's Bistro] into a parking lot.

The last we heard, Jack was still running Jack Bistro's, offering up fine French cuisine and courting the love of his life, Vicki Bradford with hopes that one day she will overcome her fear of marriage and become his wife.

Vicki and Jack - THREE'S A CROWD
Vicki and Jack sitting in a tree...

Three's Company Theme Song Lyrics

Come and knock on our door,
We've been waiting for you.
Where the kisses are hers and hers and his
Three's company, too.

Come and dance on our floor,
Take a step that is new.
We've a loveable space that needs your face
Three's company, too.

You'll see that life is a ball again,
Laughter is calling for you-.
Down at our rendezvous
Three's company, too.

Three's a Crowd Theme Song Lyrics

We're gonna weather the odds and win,
Lovers they can't divide,
Making it side by side.

Trouble may be around us,
Standing our ground and we won't give in,
Swimmin' against the tide,
Makin' it,
Side by side!

Oh love is fun,
Now two makes one,
We can laugh and cry,
Cause love's a crazy ride,
When we're side by side.

TRIVIA NOTE: John Ritter, who played Jack Tripper, was the youngest son of Tex Ritter (a.k.a. "America's Most Beloved Cowboy"), a singing-cowboy star of "B" westerns during the 30's and 40's and later a country-music recording legend.

Born Jonathan Southworth Ritter on September 17, 1948 in Burbank California, the 6' 1" actor John Ritter attended Hollywood High School and the University of Southern California (USC) where he majored in acting and graduated in 1971 with a Bachelors' of Fine Arts.

After studying under the mentorship of Stella Adler, Nina Foch and Harvey Lembeck Comedy Workshop, John burst upon the comedy seen as the star of THREE'S COMPANY (inspired by the 1973 British TV series MAN ABOUT THE HOUSE with Richard O'Sullivan as Robin Tripp).

John's series ran for eight years and earned him an Emmy, a Golden Globe, a People's Choice award, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (along side his father's), as well as the acclaim of comedienne Lucille Ball who hosted the May 19, 1982 retrospective hour-long special "The Best of Three's Company" and commented "It (Three's Company) didn't set out to change the world, it just made us laugh and that is why we love it."

Ritter continued to hit the TV trail as he appeared in a number of series, including:

  • HOOPERMAN (1987) as police detective John Hooperman
  • HEARTS AFIRE (1992) as political journalist John Hartman
  • FISH POLICE (1992) as the voice of Officer Gil
  • BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER as Ted Buchanan, an authoritarian computer salesman (an evil robot) who sought to marry Buffy's mom on episode "Ted" (episode # 2.11 that aired December 8th, 1997)
  • FELICITY (2000-02) as Andrew Covington, the father of Felicity's boyfriend who makes a pass at her
  • CLIFFORD THE BIG RED DOG (2000) where he provided the voice for the animated canine
  • 8 SIMPLE RULES FOR DATING MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER (2002+) as Paul Hennessy, the beleaguered father of teenage daughters.

Prior to his THREE'S COMPANY success John Ritter appeared on family drama THE WALTONS (1973-76) as the Rev. Matthew Fordwick. He made his TV debut on a 1970 episode of the police drama DAN AUGUST entitled "Campus Revolutionary."

 John Ritter's movie credits included:

  •  Stephen King's It (1990 TV Mini-series) as Benjamin 'Ben' Hanscom
  • The Dreamer of OZ (1990 TV-Movie) as children's story writer Frank L. Baum
  • Problem Child (1990) and the sequel Problem Child 2 (1991) as Ben Healy the father of terrible little kid.
  • Sling Blade (1996) as Vaughan Cunningham
  • Bride of Chucky (1998) as Chief Warren Kincaid
  • Bad Santa (2003) as a Mall manager.

When John Ritter was not acting, he was deeply involved with the Annual United Cerebral Palsy Telethon. John's lawyer brother, Tom Ritter was born with the disability but has since triumphed over it.

The spin-off THREE'S A CROWD (a.k.a. Three's Company, Too) was inspired by the 1977 British spin-off ROBIN'S NEST. The 2003 TV-movie Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of Three's Company chronicled the alleged behind the scenes antics of this popular TV show. Bret Anthony played the role of John Ritter.

Sadly, actor John Ritter died while working on the set of his ABC hit comedy 8 SIMPLE RULES FOR DATING MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER

According to his publicists, Wolf-Kasteler & Associates Public Relations, Ritter was rushed to the hospital but surgeons could not save him. Ritter died at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center in Burbank, California shortly after 10 p.m. on Thursday September 11, 2003. He was 54. The cause of death was a "dissection of the aorta", which results from an unrecognized flaw in a main artery from the heart.


John Ritter as Jack Tripper
Joyce DeWitt as Janet Wood
Suzanne Somers as Christmas "Chrissy" Snow
Audra Lindley as Helen Roper
Norman Fell as Stanley Roper
Richard Kline as Larry Dallas
Don Knotts as Ralph Furley
Ann Wedgeworth as Lana Shields
Jennilee Harrison as Cindy Snow
Priscilla Barnes as Terri Alden
Jim the Bartender as Paul Ainslet
Mike the Bartender as Brad Blaisdell
Jordan Charney as Frank Angelino
Gino Conforti as Felipe Gomez
William Pierson as Dean Travers
Teresa Ganzel as Greedy Gretchen


John Ritter as Jack Tripper
Mary Cadorette as Vicki Bradford
Robert Mandan as James Bradford
E. Z. Taylor as Alan Campbell
Jessica Walter as Claudia Bradford

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