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Ling Snuggles with Richard Fish - ALLY MCBEAL
Ling Snuggles with Richard

Ling's personal philosophy on life reveals much of what she is as a character. "It's a problem being beautiful. It's only the handsome men that ask us out because they're the only ones who think they have a chance. And handsome men are dolts. Life is unfair to us. At some point we have to face the certain reality: despite all the good the world seems to offer, true happiness can only be found in one thing -- shopping." "Sex is a weapon. We all use it. We trade, we tantalize, we withhold it -- something we do in almost every walk of life, be it business, marriage.... God gave us that advantage by giving men the dumbstick."

Ling employment history changed when she compliments twin babies she sees on the street. ("Aren‘t those the 2 most beautiful babies ever...Makes you just want to quit the law to breed"). The children's mother turns out to be the Governor of Massachusetts who offers Ling a job as judge. Ling accepts, and unleashes her rulings on Boston. In one case she finds in favor of a TV Network station boss who offers Ling a "Judge Judy" like show. In between her gig as a judge, Ling found time to pose nude for the cover of Talk magazine. ("It use to be a woman stripped naked to have a chance at greatness, now you have to do great things to have a chance to strip naked").


Judge Ling Woo - ALLY MCBEAL

Judge Ling:

Mr. Pax, I have a problem, see these lights, this is a television show, in addition to a court. Our cases need to be interesting otherwise people won‘t watch. Here I have a boring little man with a boring little case about defective wax. What kind of Nielsen share do you figure I‘ll pull with that?

Ling: Can you imagine going through life happy?
Nelle: And "kind."
Ling: I think it‘s starting to rub off on me. I had a dream last night I hit a guy in a wheel chair and pulled over to help.
Nelle: Ugh.


Women are exploited by the high-heeled shoe. Women are exploited by the idea that we have to paint our eyelashes every day just to go to work. Pharmaceutical companies spend billions of dollars to convince the world that cellulite is evil. Is that to empower women? What world do you live in?"

Lisa: How did you two end, Exactly? Neither one of you has ever really told me.
Ling: Sweetie, I dumped him.
Lisa: And did it break his heart?
Ling: Well... I do that sort of thing.

Ling: Hey, bitch. What's up?
Nelle: You seem happy.
Ling: Richard fired me off the peanut case. Want to go shopping?
Nelle: Might as well.


Ally, Hi, listen I'm having a small dinner party next week. I wasn't planning to invite you but if your feelings are going to be hurt I suppose I could invite you."


Nobody asks a woman if they like Viagra. Why do you think Elizabeth Dole is running for president, anything to get out of the house?

Ally: When you & I kissed it was...
Ling: Amazing.

TRIVIA NOTE: Born Lucy Alexis Liu on December 2, 1967 actress Lucy Lue bawas born and raised in Queens, New York. Her mother is a biochemist. Her father is a civil engineer. Lucy graduated from Stuyvesant high school in 1986. She then attended New York University for a year and transferred to the University of Michigan where she earned a Degree in Asian languages and culture (and accidentally fell into acting after auditioning for a part the stage production of Alice in Wonderland in he senior year).

For hobbies, Lucy practices a knife-and-stick fighting martial arts style called Kali-Eskrima-Silat, as well as skis, rock climbs, rides horses, and plays the accordion.

Her Ling character premiered on episode "The Eat Horses, Don't They" on September 28, 1998. Lucy originally tried out for the part of Ally McBeal's Nelle Porter character until director David E. Kelly cast her in the part of the intimidating but quirky Ling Woo.

Before joining Ally McBeal, Lucy had been a series regular on the sitcom PEARL and guest-starred on shows such as BEVERLY HILLS 90210, ER, LA LAW, NASH BRIDGES, and NYPD BLUE.

In the summer of 2003 Lucy Liu reprised her role as Alex Munday in the "Charlie's Angel's" sequel Charlie's Angeles: Full Throttle costarring Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore.

Lucy Liu has also been credited at Lucy Alexis Chiu and Lucy Alexis Liu.

Lucy Liu on FUTURAMA
Lucy Liu plays Fry's new fantasy robotic girlfriend
on FUTURAMA episode
"I Dated A Robot" (05/13/2001)
Fry: Lucy Liu Bot, if I don't survive the corn I want you to know that I love you as much as a man can love the computerized image of a gorgeous celebrity. Which has turned out is a lot.
Lucy Bot: Oh Fry... I love you more than the moon and the stars and the *POETIC IMAGE NUMBER 37 NOT FOUND*" "I'll always remember you Fry... *MEMORY DELETED*

Cast of Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (2003)
(L-R) Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu

ALLY MCBEAL/FOX/1997-2002 

Calista Flockhart as  Ally McBeal
Courtney Thorne-Smith as  Georgia Thomas
Greg Germann as  Richard Fish
Lisa Nicole Carson as  Renee Raddick
Peter MacNicol as  John Cage
Jane Krakowski as  Elaine Vassal
Vonda Shepard as  Vonda Shepard
Portia de Rossi as  Nelle Porter
Lucy Liu as  Ling Woo
James LeGros as  Mark Albert
Bobby Cannavale as  Wilson Jade
Regina Hall as  Corretta Lipp
Julianne Nicholson as  Jenny Shaw
James Marsden as  Glenn Foy
John Michael Higgins as  Steven Milter

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