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G'Kar assaults Londo after using a telepathic drugDust - White crystalline illegal drug used on the sci-fi series BABYLON 5/SYN/1994-98. Dust accelerates the bodies neural processing ten times beyond normal, stimulating the gene that enhances telepathic abilities. Dust was featured on episode No. 305 "Dust to Dust"

Taking Dust enables a person to invade the mind and experiences of another person ~ a form of mental rape. Essentially, Dust allows the user to experience all its victims memories in the space of a few minutes, leaving the victim in a state of traumatic shock or in a lack of consciousness with blood pressure far below normal.

Dust is addictive and each experience requires higher quantities to obtain optimum penetration of a person's psyche. When used against a telepath, it almost always was deadly.

Earth's Psi Corps, an elite telepathic police force, originally created Dust in 2255 in an effort to increase the number of potential telepaths. Their experiment failed but instead created a black market drug that could be used to terrorize others.

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