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Beka Valentine on FlashFlash - Futuristic illegal drug on the science fiction series ANDROMEDA/SYN/2000-2005. Administered onto the cornea of the eye, [they turned milky upon contact], Flash was extremely addictive. "Just 5 milligrams today, 5 milligrams tomorrow and a person would sell their first born for 1 milligram more."

On episode #111 "The Pearls that Were his Eyes" the corrupt Sid Profit (John de Lancie), now the head of Trans Atlantic Corporation [a.k.a Sam Profit] administered Flash to his niece, Beka Valentine (Lisa Ryder) to force her to reveal the location of coded disk once owned by her father, Ignatius Valentine that could compromise Sid's corporate empire.

Dad and Sid were originally partner's. They built the Eureka Maru spacecraft that Beka inherited from her thief/smuggler father after his death [he got fried on Flash].

Beka is forced to take Flash
Beka forcibly administered Flash

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