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Fred MacMurray as The Absent-Minded ProfessorFlubber - A rubbery substance that when bounced has the ability of create it own energy. If a piece of Flubber was dropped to the floor, it would begin to bounce higher and higher, creating additional surges of energy as it bounced skyward.

Flubber was first introduced in the classic Disney film The Absent Minded Professor (1961) starring Fred MacMurray as inventor Professor Ned Brainard and appeared later in the sequel Son of Flubber (1963) and the remake Flubber (1997) starring Robin Williams as Professor Philip Brainard.

In the original film, Flubber was discovered via an accident in the laboratory and used to make the professor's Model-T Ford fly and the local basketball team bounce about their playing court with the agility of a kangaroo after the Professor ironed on a blob of flubber to the souls of their sneakers..

The TV adaptation of the film called THE ABSENT-MINDED PROFESSOR/NBC/1988-89 featured Harry Anderson as Henry Crawford, a Medfield College physics professor who discovered a green, rubbery substance known as Flubber.

The term "Flubber" was a blending of the words "flying" and "rubber."

TRIVIA NOTE: On the cartoon sitcom THE SIMPSONS, inventor Professor Frink has basketball shoes made of flubber.

The rap song "It's Alright" by Jay-Z on the album Vol. 2-hard Knock Life the word Flubber is used in the lyrics, "Like flubber I hover above the city in a private jet, the livest set." 

The song "A Lil Low Now" by Lil Jon And The Eastside Boys features the lyrics "Shake it like flubber, make that booty bounce like rubber." 

Robin Williams as Professor Philip Brainard
Robin Williams as Professor Braniard

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