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Grandpa's Magical Potions - On the eerie situation comedy THE MUNSTERS/CBS/1964-66 vampire Grandpa Munster (Al Lewis), referred to his "Encyclopedia of Voodoo" to concoct all sorts of potions and pills. Here are some examples of Grandpa's potions:

Al Lewis as Grandpa Munster

  • On episode No. 2 "My Fair Munster" Grandpa creates a love potion to improve his niece Marilyn's sagging love life (the potion backfired and influenced the wrong Munster).
  • On episode No. 12 "Sleeping Cutie" one of Grandpa's potions puts Marilyn into a state of semi-permanent sleep.
  • On episode No. 19 "Eddie's Nickname" Eddie's schoolmates call him "Shorty" so Grandpa mixes up a "magic milkshake" to make him grow six-inches. Instead, Eddie grows a beard.
  • On episode No. 32 "Mummy Munster" a sleeping pill created by Grandpa gets Herman mistaken for an Egyptian mummy when he falls a sleep in a museum sarcophagus.
  • On episode No. 43 "Herman, Coach of the Year" he made a pill to enhance the athletic performance of his nephew Eddie Munster (Butch Patrick). The vitamin pill's ingredients included "a derby flown in from Kentucky; a feather from "the worlds' fastest bird," the ostrich; a bit of lint from the pouch of a kangaroo; and a zap of lightning from Grandpa's fingertip to top it off."
  • On episode No. 62 Grandpa whips up a potion to improve Eddie's trumpet playing. The potion included: "Three strands of Leonard Bernstein's favorite sauerkraut; a glass of water from the "Blue Danube"; one chopped photograph of Ludwig van Beethoven; a stein of beer from the "Whiffenpoof" song; and a bucket of bilge water from the "HMS Pinafore."
  • On episode No. 41 "Bronco Bustin' Munster" Herman Munster begs Grandpa to concoct an instant bravery potion to steady his nerves before a rodeo bronco ride. Grandpa once whipped up an instant bravery pill for King Richard in the Middle Ages. "I'll have you know that before he took these, he was known as Chicken-Dickie."
  • On episode No. 48 "A Man for Marilyn" Grandpa attempts to make a husband for his niece in his laboratory. Other inventions and potions included a pill that turned water into gasoline; a medicine for which there is no disease; a machine that takes electricity from the air and stores it; a cough medicine that gives you a three day cough; and an alarm clock pill that can be set to make you sleep and wake at chosen times. See also - CURSES, SPELLS & INCANTATIONS: "Grandpa Munster's Spells"

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