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Kryss - A vaccine that helps the Taelons adapt to the Earth atmosphere on the science fiction series GENE RODDENBERRY'S EARTH: FINAL CONFLICT/SYN/1997-2002. The Taelons (a.k.a. “The Companions") came to Earth offering advanced technological knowledge to help cure the ravages of disease, poverty and warfare. Not everyone believed their altruistic intentions and some formed a resistance movement against their new masters.

While on Earth, the Tealons needed Kryss to survive their visitations. Unfortunately, the Kryss was obtained by taking humans and impaling their abdomen with a large needle device that harvested the essence of humanity from each of its hosts.

The sparkling, glowing by-product was then given to an elite group of Taelons. Each needed 10 milligrams a days. Large doses of Kryss could addict Taelons to the substance with ever larger doses needed to sustain their cravings and their composure.

Taelons Da'an and Zo'or
Taelons, Da'an and Zo'or

Later, human scientist developed a synthetic form of Kryss that no longer enslaved human hosts. But unscrupulous humans still abducted humans from Earth and transported them to orbiting space station Freedom that allegedly fronted as a training facility but in reality was illegally manufacturing Kryss and supplying it to such Taelon leaders as Da’an, who developed an addiction to Kryss. See also - ALIENS

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