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Milton the Monster - Frankenstein-like monster with a sweet disposition and a hole in his head featured on the animated series MILTON THE MONSTER/ABC/1965-67.

Milton the Monster

Milton the Monster was created by Count Kook (Larry Best) and a mad scientist named Professor Weirdo (Dayton Allen).  At the beginning of each episode, Milton's creator is seen dabbling in his laboratory. Mixing up a batch of monster formula he begins with:

"Six drops of the essence of terror, five drops of sinister sauce....And now for the tincture of tenderness, but I must use only a touch, for without a touch of tenderness, it might destroy me, Whoops! to much..."

With the mistake irreversible, out popped a hulking, moronic monster that belched smoke from the top of his head. Its first words were "Hello daddy!, I'm Milton your brand new son." Milton lived at Horrible Hill, Transylvania.

Milton the Monster Logo

Opening Narration

Narrator: [Thunder / Lightning] On top of old Horror Hill in a secret laboratory, Professor Weirdo and Count Kook were in their monstrous glory.
Weirdo: Six drops of the essence of terror, five drops of sinister sauce.
Count: When the stirring's done may I lick the spoon?
Weirdo: Of course, Ah! Ha!, of course.
Weirdo: Now for the tincture of tenderness, But I must use only a touch. For without a touch of tenderness, it might destroy me! [Count Kook bumps Professor Weirdo] Whoops! Too much!...Better hold your breath it's starting to tick.
Count: Better hold my hand I'm feeling sick.
Milton: Hello Daddy!
Weirdo: What have I done?
Milton: I'm Milton, your brand new son!

Gold Key Comic Book - MILTON THE MONSTER

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