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Poison BottlePoisons - Occasionally on a television show, a character is taken out by poison. The following is just a short list of some of those deadly substances:


  • Florazyne - rare alien poison used by emissaries of the Shadows to assassinate Ambassador Kosh on sci-fi series BABYLON 5.
  • Katissium - a cheap, but effective poison used to effect the Narn physiology on sci-fi series BABYLON 5..
  • Mugato saliva - from the fangs of the Mugato beast that nearly killed Captain James T. Kirk on the sci-fi series STAR TREK. The antidote from the "mahko root" saved his life.
  • Spectrox - poison used to kill the fifth Doctor Who on the sci-fi series DOCTOR WHO.
  • Poison Cigar - Billionaire Roland Saunders was killed by the vapors from a poisoned cigar on the drama FALCON CREST. See also - "Tetrodotoxin"




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