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Red Dust - Bacteria used to kill invading aliens on the 1983-84 science fiction miniseries "V" and on the subsequent spin-off V & V: THE FINAL BATTLE/NBC/1984-85. Dr. Juliet Parrish developed the red-powdered dust chemical compound which was safe to the humans but deadly to the aliens (who were reptiles disguised as humans). The "red dust" bacteria infiltrated the alien's gill tissues causing an allergic reaction which suffocated them.

Red Dust suffocates 'V' alien in human form
Red Dust suffocates a "V" alien in human form

With this weapon, the freedom fighters slowly began to win back the Earth from the alien domination. Diana, the ruthless leader of the aliens, described Red Dust this way:

"The red dust is a bacteria and a sensitive one. Apparently requiring a dormant stage to regenerate its life cycle. In places that experience freezing, it can regenerate and thrive. But in warmer places like Los Angeles, it withers and dies."

It was later discovered that high quantities of Red Dust caused birth defects, sterility, and death in Humans. It also adversely affected crops like corn and wheat. The Red Dust bacteria, a variation E Coli, was originally discovered in the digestive tract of Robin Maxwell's hybrid children. See also - "Star Child"

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