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Carter Nash Drinks Super JuiceSuper Juice - Powerful and foul-tasting liquid formula used on the sitcom CAPTAIN NICE/NBC/1967. Super juice was invented by Carter Nash, (William Daniels), a shy police chemist working for Big Town Police Department in Big Town, USA. The blue fluid formula made Carter impervious to harm, and included such side benefits as the ability to fly, to move at fantastic speed and to imbue tremendous strength.

The Super Juice powers were only effective for one hour. When Carter first tried his experimental formula, he hiccupped and was abruptly struck by lightning.

Theme Song Lyrics

Look, it’s the man who flies around like an eagle
Look, it’s the enemy of all that’s illegal
Look, at the muscles on his arms, they’re like hammers
Look, it’s some nut who walks around in pajamas
That’s no nut boy!
That’s Captain Nice, nice, nice, nice, nice!

William Daniels as Captain Nice

Using the formula to battle evil, Carter Nash became the masked Captain Nice who wore a costume (made by his mom) of red, white, and blue with CAPTAIN NICE emblazoned on its chest.

Captain Nice battled such sinister super villains as  Chameleon,  The Rooster, and Slymme Fatale  See also - BIRDS: "Super Chicken"

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