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TXP - Futuristic chemical invented by Nobel Prize winning scientist Mordecai Sahmbi (Peter Donat) on the sci-fi series TIME TRAX/SYN/1993-95. TXP was used in conjunction with TRAX (Transtime Research and eXperimentation), a time machine that transported people 200 years into the past.

The injection of the TXP substance helps align the molecular structure of the person being transported so that they can withstand the rigors of time travel.

Unfortunately, Sahmbi used this technology to transport criminals and other no-goods to the past (willing to pay the price) and out of the reach of the authorities of his time.

These same authorities sent officer Darien Lambert (Dale Midkiff) back in time to retrieve them. He used a MPPT weapon loaded with a dose of TXP to return the fugitives to futuristic justice. See also - WEAPONS & SCI-FI GADGETRY -"MPPT"

Time Trax Transport Chamber
Darien Lambert about to travel back in time

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