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Vitameatavegamin Skit - I Love LucyVitameatavegamin - On a classic episode "Lucy Does a TV Commercial" broadcast May 5, 1952 on the sitcom I LOVE LUCY/CBS/1951-57, Lucy Ricardo (Lucille Ball), finagled her way into announcing a live commercial for "Your Saturday Night Variety Show" sponsored by Vitameatavegamin, and guest hosted by her husband, Ricky Ricardo (Desi Arnaz). Unfortunately, Lucy tasted so much of the highly alcoholic (23%) Vitameatavegamin formula during rehearsals, that she got intoxicated. When asked if she was all right she said "It sure is hot in here." When the program started Lucy, still drunk, wandered onto the stage, disrupted her husband's opening song and slurred out "I'm your Vita-veta-veg-a-vat girl." Ricky then quickly carried her off the stage over his shoulders.

Lucille Ball later recycled this skit on a 1959 episode of THE LUCY-DESI COMEDY HOUR when she was hired to do a commercial for Wakey Flakies Cereal with actor Paul Douglas. This time around, Lucy took sleeping pills, and not surprisingly, fell face down into a bowl of cereal while filming the commercial spot.

Vitameatavegamin Script Excerpt

"Hello Friends, I'm your Vitameatavegamin girl. Are your tired? Run down? Listless? Do you poop out at parties? Are you unpopular? The answer to all of your problems is in this little bottle. Vitameatavegamin. Yes, Vitameatavegamin contains vitamins, meat, vegetables, and minerals. Yes, with Vitameatavegamin you can spoon your way to health. All you do is take a big tablespoonful after every meal. It's so tasty, too. Tastes just like candy. So why don't you join the thousands of happy peppy people and get a great big bottle of Vitameatavegamin tomorrow. That's Vitameatavegamin."

TRIVIA NOTE: The Vitameatavegamin that Lucy drank was actually apple pectin. It was obtained from a Santa Monica Boulevard store in West Hollywood. See also - BEVERAGES: "Veggie Boy"

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