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Bill Biery as Beachcomber BillBeachcomber Bill - Los Angeles-based kiddie show who appeared on BEACHCOMBER BILL broadcast on KCOP Channel 13. In the fall of 1964, Bill Biery moved his act to WPIX Channel 11 New York City.

As his name implied, Beachcomber Bill dressed in a casual beach outfit and liked to draw pictures for the studio audience. "March of the Baby Elephants" was the show's theme song.

In between cartoon segments of Lippy the Lion, Touche Turtle and Wally Gator, Beachcomber Bill entertained his young viewers with stories, zoo animals and characters like Melvin the Giraffe, and Uncle Ant. Puppeteer Herb Bass (and later Terry Bennett) manipulated the puppets on the show.

BEACHCOMBER BILL was canceled in the fall of 1966, but host Bill Biery returned a year later with THE BILL BIERY SHOW. This format featured cartoons, old serials film shorts like Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon and a bunch of new off screen characters including Thumbsey Clumbsey, Outo Phocus and the Genie In The Box.

Bill Biery's revised show format ran for about six months until it ended on March 17, 1967. Biery stayed on as a staff announcer at Channel WPIX -TV Channel 11 through the 1980s.

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