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Jessica Fletcher of Cabot Cove, MaineCabot Cove - Fictional seaside village in Maine (pop. 3,560) and home to the world famous mystery writer Jessica Fletcher (Angela Lansbury) on the drama MURDER, SHE WROTE/CBS/1984-96. Jessica lived in an 85-year-old Victorian house at 698 Candlewood Lane in Cabot Cove, ME. 03041. She is a widowed substitute English teacher who gained fame as a mystery novelist after her husband Frank died.

Although Cabot Cove was just a small hamlet, it turned out to be the "Murder Capital of New England," because each week, Jessica found herself involved in the murder of some unfortunate local or visitor. Jessica, in turn, used her mystery writing skills to deduce the killer. And even when Jessica traveled out of town, there was always a murdered body turning up to challenge Jessica's sleuthing skills.

Over the run of the series, Jessica investigated some 260+ murders. So, it's remarkable that such a high murder rate hadn't inspired a mass exodus of town citizens or, at the very least, caused a devaluation of the local real estate market.

"The gossip wires burns pretty hot in this town"

The roster of frequently seen Cabot Cove residents included:

Jessica Fletcher
(Angela Lansbury)
Mystery novelist
Seth Hazlitt
(William Windom)
Cabot Cove’s physician
Amos Tupper
(Tom Bosley)
Sheriff of Cabot Cove
Mort Metzger
(Ron Masak)
Sheriff of Cabot Cove (Replaced  Amos)
Adelle Metzger Mort’s never seen wife
Harry Pierce
(John Astin)
Cabot Cove’s greedy real estate agent
Eve Simpson
(Julie Adams)
Harry's successor.
Sam Booth
(Richard Paul)
Cabot Cove’s popular bachelor mayor.
Deputy Andy Broom
(Louis Herthum)
Mort’s chief deputy.
Deputy Floyd
(Will Nye)
Sheriff Metzger's red-headed deputy
Ethan Cragg
(Claude Atkins)
Jessica’s fisherman friend.
Grady Fletcher
(Michael Horton)
Jessica' accountant nephew
Donna Fletcher
(Debbie Zipp)
Grady's future wife & fellow accountant
Loretta Spiegel
(Ruth Roman)
Ideal Malloy
(Kathryn Grayson)
Phyllis Grant
(Gloria DeHaven),
(Sally Klein)
Group of ladies seen at the  local beauty salon who offer helpful advice and information to Jessica Fletcher.

Jessica Fletcher later moved to New York City to be near her publisher (Covington House Press, Manhattan) and to teach criminology at Manhattan University. She took up residence at Apartment 4B at the Penfield House Apartments, 941 West 61st Street in New York City.

Jessica's character was revived in a number of TV-Movies based on the series including Murder, She Wrote: South by Southwest (1997), Murder, She Wrote: A Story to Die for (2000) and Murder, She Wrote: The Last Free Man (2001).

The Blair House Inn in Mendocino, Califormia
The Blair House Inn, aka the home of Jessica Fletcher

TRIVIA NOTE: In reality, the coastal town of Mendocino, California, north of San Francisco, doubled for the town of Cabot Cove, Maine. The house used for establishing outside shots of Jessica Fletcher's home was the Blair House Inn, a bed-and-breakfast situated at 45110 Little Lake Street in Mendocino. The nearby Hill House Inn at 10701 Palette Drive was also used for filming exterior and interiors shots on the show. However, most of the program was filmed on the Universal Studio lots in Southern California. Some additional shots were filmed in Northern California and Oregon.

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