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David LettermanDavid Letterman's Home Office - Popular recurring gimmick on the  talk show LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN/CBS/1993+ which claims the program operates out of a fictional Home Office that changes location every few years. The roving Home Office is responsible for preparing  Letterman's nightly Top Ten Lists.

In 1996, the show's Home Office of Grand Rapids, Wisconsin, relocated to Wahoo, Nebraska (pop. 3,912). The move was inspired by the fact that Letterman mentioned that he liked the word "Wahoo." (Sioux City. Iowa was the earlier home office).

The citizenry of Wahoo, Nebraska immediately began their bid to become the new site of "The Home Office" by having the Nebraska legislature proclaim him an admiral in the Great Navy of the State of Nebraska, as well an inundating Letterman with letters, postcards and bribes from the citizenry of Wahoo. They sent flowers, clothing, animals alcoholic beverages, shredded money, and free check-ups at the Wahoo Medical Center.

When Letterman jokingly said he wanted more, (cars and furniture, etc.) Wahoo sent him a '76 Pinto, a wall clock made of cow droppings, and two of the town's teenagers, brothers Jeff and Josh Price.

David Letterman Cartoon Spoof about his show's Home Office

In the end, Letterman chose Wahoo over Grand Rapids as the new "Home Office," that is, until he changes his mind and bestows the title on some other American town. The idea for the Home Office began on LATE NIGHT WITH DAVID LETTERMAN while Dave worked for NBC network from 1982-93.

Cities where Dave's "home office" was located during LATE NIGHT years include: Lebanon, Pennsylvania, Lincoln, Nebraska, Milwaukee Wisconsin (the first Late Night home office), Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Omaha, Nebraska, Oneonta, New York (the last Late Night home office), Scottsdale, Arizona, and Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

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