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Eerie, Indiana - The spooky Midwest town featured on the occult drama EERIE, INDIANA/NBC/1991-92. The town's newest resident, 13-year-old Marshall Teller (Omri Katz) soon discovers just how different his new home really is.

Marshall lives at 999 Normal Avenue, Eerie, Indiana 70777 with his mother, Marilyn Teller (Mary-Margaret Humes), a party planner who has a store at the local mall; his inventor father,  Edgar Teller (Francis Guinan) who invented an ATM with a personality that dispenses extra money to people it likes, and his sister, Syndi Marie Priscilla Teller (Julie Condra), the lifestyle editor of the school newspaper.

Marshall Tell, citizen of Eerie, Indiana

Marshall attends B.F. Skinner Junior High School. and likes to listen to the Pit Bull Surfers, a rock metal band. Riding his bicycle (which he pedals 12.6 miles per day), Marshall explores the town of Eerie, Indiana with his 10-year-old friend  and next-door neighbor Simon Holmes (Justin Shenkarow). As Marshall said, "He's just a kid...He's the only friend I've made  since  moving  here. He's also the only one who believes me about Eerie."

Dash X (Jason Marsden) is an other of Marshall's friends. According to him "See, three months ago, I wake up here in Weirdsville, Indiana and I don't remember anything. How I got here. Who I am. Nothing. Zip. Zero. Not even my own name...No mom. No dad. It's just me looking out for myself. I crash wherever I can and I dumpster dive for food." People around town called Dash X the "Kid With the Grey Hair, "Kid With No Name," and "Sneaky Kid With the Hair."


"My name is Marshall Teller. Not too long ago, I was living in New Jersey, just across the river from New York City. It was crowded, polluted, and full of crime -- and I loved it. But my family wanted a better life for my sister and me. So we moved to a place so wholesome, so squeaky-clean, you could only find it on TV. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Sure, my new hometown looks normal enough -- but look again. What's wrong with this picture? The American Dream come true, right? Wrong. Nobody believes me, but this is the center of weirdness for the entire planet: Eerie Indiana, My Home Sweet Home.


Item: Elvis lives on my paper route


Thank you little paper boy


Item: Bigfoot eats out of my trash. Even man's best friend is eerie. Still don't believe me? You will.


-- Series Opening Narration

Residents of Eerie, Indiana include Bartholomew J. Radford (John Astin), the operator of World O' Stuff (he was tied and held in the basement by an imposter Fred Suggs), Winifred Swanson and her mother (Belinda Balaski), Sergeant Knight (Harry Goaz), Fred Suggs, aka Mr Radford (Archie Hahn), Winston Chisel, the Mayor of Eerie (Gregory Itzin), as the local Anchorman (Doug Llewelyn),  Elvis (Steven Peri), and Wilson Twins, Bertram and Ernest (Dan and Don Stanton).

The major streets in Eerie are 13th Avenue, Edgar Allen Poe Boulevard, Elizabeth Barrett Browning Boulevard, Front Street, Normal Avenue, Main Street and Maple Street. From the air, the city of Eerie is the exact same shape  as the Bermuda Triangle.

Eerie, Indiana Map

Breakdown of the major businesses in Eerie, Indiana

Banks: Bank of Eerie
Eerie Savings and Loans
Medical Sites: Eerie General Hospital
Happy Brothers Ambulance & Mortuary
Police: Eerie Indiana Canine Arrest Team
Restaurants: Dragon of the Black Pool Chinese restaurant, Eerie Bait Shop and Sushi Bar (555-8888)
Happy Brothers Yogurt
Eerie Bus Terminal and Supper Club, 
Retail Stores: Eerie Mall (where Marshall's mom works)
Everything Corn
World O'Stuff  (Sells the Eerie Inquirer - the largest selling magazine in US - and the Eerie Examiner that Marshall delivers as a paperboy)
Schools: B.F. Skinner Junior High School
Social Settings: Eerie Bingo Parlor
Loyal Order of Corn Lodge
Tourist Sites: Corn Statue
Old Hitchcock Mill 
TV Station: WERD-TV

The World O'Stuff store in Eerie ("where all your dreams come true") was open 24 hours. It offered one-stop shopping for everything a person could need, including soft drinks like Cornade and Cornade Light. The one drawback to the store's shopping plan was the its E-Z credit card. The fine print on the card (on a microdot) reads: "If buyers don't pay in full in cash, the Donald Incorporated gets to repossess their souls."

Each episode, Marshall chronicles his days in Eerie, Indiana with a voiceover comment. Here are a few samples:

"Eerie Indiana, day 0. When you're 13 going on family outings is about as cool as getting caught still sleeping with Mr. Blanky...I don't have a dog named Toto. But if I did right about now I'd be telling him - Toto, I don't think we're in Indiana any more."

"That's my family. They're all too busy to see what's going
on. Mom just started her own party planning service down at the Eerie mall. My sister Syndi is practicing for her driver's test. Personally, I don't think anybody who spells 'Cindy' S-y-n-d-i should by allowed to operate a motor vehicle. Dad works for Things, Incorporated, a product testing company. Dad's job is one of the reasons we moved here. Because - statistically speaking - Eerie is the most normal place in the entire country. Statistics lie."

"It's easy to believe almost anything when you consider just how big the universe is. It's even easier to believe the
unbelievable here in my little corner of the universe. That's
why when Professor Nigel Zircon rolled into town with his
traveling museum of the parabelievable, Simon and I were the first in line."

"Back in New Jersey we had blizzards, the occasional hurricane, but it was Equal Opportunity weather. It went after everybody. But here in Eerie, Indiana, I couldn't help feeling that bad weather was after me personally. Especially tornados. Tornados are 200 mile an hour windstorms with minds of their own. But here in Eerie, instead of taking shelter in their basements, people celebrated something called Tornado Day."

"It seems like every town has a haunted house and a creepy story that goes with it. Kids all dare each other to go inside, but nobody ever does, because a friend-of-a-friend knows a guy that went in - and never came out. Every town has one, but here in Eerie, Simon and I have counted over 50 haunted structures. Today we were checking out number 51."

"Sometimes it gets tough battling the forces of Eerie by myself, even with a little help from Simon, but I always thought I could count on Mom and Dad for a dose of normality. But then Dad joined The Loyal Order of Corn, Eerie's version of the Moose Lodge, and started spending all his free time there which drove Mom crazy. I'd never even noticed the place. It kind of makes me wonder what else I haven't noticed."

"I wasn't the only one who thought this Harvest King hoopla was for the birds. I hadn't seen that weird kid with the grey hair since our little adventure with the ghost of Grungy Bill. I could tell he wasn't somebody to mess with. It seems we were the only two guys not buying lottery tickets. Why - did he know something I didn't? The Harvest King gets all sorts of dorky prizes, but then he must go out into the woods during a full moon until he catches a glimpse of the mysterious Eerie Wolf. What I wanted to know was - how come there's no such thing as an ex-Harvest King?" (Note: If the harvest king sees the Eerie Wolf, Eerie gets a big harvest, 13 years of good luck, and low taxes.)

"Back in Jersey Halloween was my favorite holiday. When else can a non-adult wear a disguise and roam around after dark forcing people to give you candy for no good reason and then trash their house if they don't. But here in Eerie things are different. There's no telling who or what you'll bump into around these parts. Simon and I had to be prepared for anything."

TRIVIA NOTE: The series was shortly revised as EERIE, INDIANA: THE OTHER DIMENSION/FOX/1998 - with new episodes and a new cast - as part of the FOX Saturday morning lineup from February-May. The new show starred Mitchell Taylor (Bill Switzer) and his best friend, Stanley Hope (Daniel Clark). Also in the cast were Mitchell's parents (Bruce Hunter and Deborah Odell) and his sister Carrie (Lindy Booth).  

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