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Fernwood, Ohio - The hometown of the Hartman family on the soap opera spoof MARY HARTMAN, MARY HARTMAN/SYN/1976-77. The Hartman's live in the Woodland Heights area at 343 Bratner Avenue. Tom Hartman (Greg Mullavey), an automobile assembly-line worker shares a home with his dim-witted, gullible wife, Mary Shumway Hartman (Louise Lasser) and daughter, Heather (Claudia Lamb). Lorette Haggers (Mary Kay Place), a crippled country western singer was Mary Hartman's best friend. Her husband, Charlie works on the assembly line with Tom Hartman.

Mary's grandfather Raymond Larkin (Victor Kilian) earned the moniker "The Fernwood Flasher" for his habit of running around the small Midwest town and exposing his aging naughty bits to an unsuspecting public. The newspaper that reported this event was the Fernwood Courier Pres whose motto is "You Do It, We'll Print It."

The Citizen's of Fernwood, Ohio

Louise Lasser as Mary Shumway Hartman

  Mary Hartman  

Greg Mullavey as Tom Hartman

Mary Kay Place as Loretta Haggers Graham Jarvis as Charlie Haggers
Tom Hartman Loretta Haggers Charlie Haggers
Dody Goodman as Martha Shumway - Mary's mother Philip Bruns as George Shumway - Mary's father Debralee Scott as Cathy Shumway - Mary's younger sister
Martha Shumway George Shumway Cathy Shumway
Claudia Lamb as Heather Hartman - Mary's daughter Victor Kilian as Raymond Larkin - Mary's Grandfather, aka 'The Fernwood Flasher' Bruce Solomon as Officer Dennis Foley
Heather Hartman Raymond Larkin Officer Dennis Foley

Whenever Tom Hartman needed a night away from the wife and family he visited the GGG, the Glorious Guardians of Good, a local fraternal organization. The head of the lodge was the Keeper of the Keys, also known as "Massah."

Another well know citizen of Fernwood, Ohio as Barth Gimble (Martin Mull), a talk show host of "Fernwood 2-Night" broadcast from WZAZ-TV Channel 6 at Acacia Street. Barth, the egotistical twin brother of Garth Gimble, a wife beater [who impaled himself in a closet on an aluminum Christmas tree] performed each talk show with the help of his half-witted sidekick, Jerry Hubbard (Fred Willard) and Happy Kyne (Frank DeVol), the leader of the show’s four-man studio band, the Mirth Makers. One of their finest hours on the air was a contest called "I would like to throw the switch because...contest."

Barth Gimble, the host of this late night talk show debacle (who later moved to the fictional town of Alta Coma known as the "Unfinished Furniture Capital of the World" to host AMERICA 2-NIGHT) urged his viewing audience to become involved in the festivities of "Electrocution Night '78," a local happening where a convict was to be executed "live" on stage. Oh boy, pass the popcorn!

TRIVIA NOTE: In 2004, TV Guide ranked the 'Mary Hartman' series as No.21 in their list of the "25 Top Cult Shows Ever!"

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