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Gotham City - Gotham City was the setting for the fantasy adventure BATMAN/ABC/1966-68 starring Adam West as the caped crime fighter, Batman and Burt Ward as his loyal sidekick, Robin, the Boy Wonder. This dynamic duo operated from The Batcave (beneath Wayne Manor) just a mere 14 miles outside the city.

Batman and Associates High Atop Gotham CIty

The crime drama BIRDS OF PREY/WB/2002-03 (set in New Gotham) told the updated tale of a now disabled Barbara Gordon a.k.a. Batgirl (Dina Meyer) who operated a high tech crime team out of New Gotham City's Clocktower.

Birds of Prey Heroine High Atop Gotham City

" Legend tells of a caped crusader, Batman, guardian of New Gotham, and his one true love, Catwoman, the queen of the criminal underworld. Their passion left behind something extraordinary, a daughter, Huntress. Half metahuman, she has taken up her father's mantel and under cover of the night, fights to protect the innocent and helpless. Joining her in this struggle, Oracle, who was once Batman's protégé, Batgirl. She was caught in the crossfire of the war between Batman and Joker, now she fights crime a different way, a master of the cyber-realms and mentor and trainer to heroes. Together, they have taken in a young runaway, Dinah, a metahuman herself with powers to open hidden doors to the mind, powers that she is only beginning to explore. Together, these three are the protectors of New Gotham - the Birds of Prey."

The term "Gotham" has also appeared in a variety of television scripts over the years:

  • Gotham City Trust Savings Bank was the financial institution that handled the tax-free million dollar checks delivered by Michael Anthony (Marvin Miller) the personal secretary of the eccentric tycoon John Beresford Tipton on the drama THE MILLIONAIRE/CBS/1955-60.
  • The Gotham Bus Company employed the loudmouth Ralph Kramden (Jackie Gleason) as a bus driver on the sitcom THE HONEYMOONERS/CBS/1955-56.
  • Cosmo Topper (Leo G. Carroll) was a bank Vice-President who dealt with a number of New York State banks including Gotham Trust Company on the sitcom TOPPER/CBS/1953-55.

Batmobile Glides Through Gotham
The Batmobile glides through Gotham

TRIVIA NOTE: Gotham City has long been inferred to be the City of New York. The name "Gotham" was first used by Washington Irving in "Salmagundi" (1807). Previously, it had been used in English folklore to denote a village (Nottinghamshire) known as "a home of fools." See also - "The Big Apple"

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