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Hazzard, Georgia - Rural town and home of the Duke Boys from the THE DUKES OF HAZZARD/CBS/1979-85.

The Duke boys live on a farm with their uncle Jesse and cousin Daisy. They spend their days defending Hazzard County from the corrupt dealings of Jefferson Davis “Boss” Hogg and his dimwitted confederate, Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane.

The Duke's choice of weapons in their war against the Hogg included a souped-up 1969 Dodge Charger called “The General Lee“ and a hi-tech bow and arrow.

Citizenry of Hazzard and surrounding areas include:

  • Tom Wopat as Lucas K. "Luke" Duke
  • John R. Schneider as Bo Duke
  • Catherine Bach as Daisy Duke
  • Denver Pyle as Uncle Jesse Duke
  • Byron Cherry as Coy Duke
  • Christopher Mayer as Vance Duke
  • Sorrell Booke as Jefferson Davis (J.D.)Hogg
  • James Best as Sheriff Rosco P. Coltraine
  • Rick Hurst as Deputy Cletus Hogg
  • Peggy Rea as Lulu Hogg
  • Jeff Altman as Hughie Hogg
  • Ben Jones as Cooter Davenport
  • Sonny Shroyer as Deputy Enos Strate
  • Don Pedro Colley as Sheriff Ed Little
  • James Hampton as Sheriff Buster Moon
  • Dick Sargent as Sheriff Grady Byrd
  • Nedra Volz as Miz Emma Tisdale

Waylon Jennings as The Balladeer narrates the goings-on in this quaint southern hamlet. See also - "The Duke Boys"

The Citizens of Hazzard County

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