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Hope Island - Small seafaring community of 1,998 people located just outside of Seattle on the family drama HOPE ISLAND/PAX/1999-2000. Hope Island is the home of newly ordained minister Daniel Cooper (Cameron Daddo) who traveled to Hope Island to start a new life and rebuild an old church.

Hope Island

Here are a few of the residents from Hope Island:

  • Alex Stone (Suki Kaiser), the town cynic and the owner of the Widow’s Walk tavern. (Their dart board is located too close to the bar and consequently, patrons often have to duck);
  • her son, Dylan Stone (Max Peters);
  • Island native Molly Brewster (Allison Hossack);
  • Brian Brewster (Duncan Fraser), Molly's business-minded, squeeze every penny from a buck father;
  • Callie Pender (Veena Sood), the owner and sole proprietor of Hope’s only local paper;
  • Nub Flanders (Haig Sutherland), a mysterious local.

The series is based on the British drama BALLYKISSANGEL.

Hope Island Ferry
Hope Island Ferry

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