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Orbit City - 21 century city featured on the sci-fi cartoon THE JETSONS. Orbit City has all the amenities of a futuristic town like flying cars, video phones, very dry ultra-sound showers, robot housekeepers, and instant meals. One of Orbit City's representative families was the Jetsons who lived in the Sky Pad Apartments.

The Jetson family includes George Jetson, 38, who works a three-day two hour a day work week at Spacely Sprockets; Jane, his wife; their 16-year-old daughter Judy who uses a digital diary called DiDi and a Micro Process Personal Organizer; their genius little son, Elroy who attends Little Dipper School; the family dog Astro; Orbitty, a furry gray pet alien and Rosey, their robot maid. Their phone number is Venus 1234.

The Jetson Family

Henry Orbit is the building repair man. He maintains the Sky Pad Apartments and cleans the flying cars in the building's garage. His robot assistant Mack married Rosie the Robot.

Interior of the Jetson's Apartment
The Jetson's Apartment

At work, George Jetson has no paperwork to contend with, just his talking computer R.U.D.I. (Referential Universal Differential Indexer) on which  George gets a sore finger from punching its buttons. George's boss, Cosmo Spacely regularly yells, "Jetson, you're fired!!!" Spacely's competition is the Cogswell's Coggs company. Their company president likes to play golf at the Moonside Country Club.. 

Jane Jetson Watching TV
Jane Jetson Watching TV

Elroy Jetson in the family transpoort tube
The family transport tube

George Jetson working at Spacely Sprockets
George Jetson at Work

Jetson's Flying Car
The Jetson's Flying Car

The Jetson's hometown was also featured in the cartoon movies The Jetsons Christmas Carol (1985), The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones (1987), Rockin' with Judy Jetson (1988), Jetsons: The Movie (1990) and soon to be released The Jetsons (2009).

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