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Paradise Island BewareParadise Island - Paradise Island - Mysterious Island seen on the fantasy adventure series WONDER WOMAN/ABC/CBS/1976-79. Located at 30 degrees 22' North, 60 degrees 47' West, Paradise Island is the home of Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter) and her mother Queen Hippolyte (Carolyn Jones) who reign over a race of super Amazonian women who derive their great strength from the prolonged exposure to a rare element known as "Feminum" which is unique to Paradise Island. Wonder Woman's bracelets (made of Feminum) could deflect bullets.

The island's location was protected from the prying eyes of outsiders from light refracted over the island. Queen Hippolyta said of the island "There are no men here. It is free of their wars and barbaric ways. We live in peace and sisterhood."

TRIVIA NOTE: The Wonder Woman character first appeared in Golden age comic books in All-Star Comics Vol. 1 #8 (Winter 1941-42) and later in the post golden age comic The Flash Vol. 1 #137 (July 1963).

According to the comic history, Wonder Woman was immortal as long as she remained on Paradise Island. If she left the island, she would loose her immortality and began to age (but at a rate slower than normal mortals).

Everything that Wonder Woman is comes from the soil of the Paradise Island because Wonder Woman was created from the clay of Paradise Island when Hippolyte who longed for a child was instructed by the goddess Aphrodite to mold the image of a child from the island's clay. The clay form was imbued with life and Hippolyte named her child Diana after the Roman name for Artemis, goddess of the hunt. Wonder Woman received her immortality when she drank from Paradise Island's fountain of eternal youth.

The one caveat of the island: No men allowed. Why? Well, according to legend some says that a huge tidal wave will engulf the island if men visits the island while another suggests that the God Zeus will reign down thunderbolts to blast the island to cinders, if a man ever set foot on the island.

The true reason is revealed in Wonder Woman No. 216 when Queen Hippolyte tells female superhero Black Canary (a.k.a. Dinah Lance) that men are forbidden on Paradise Island because "any Amazon seeing a man standing on their island will instantly fall hopelessly in love with him. So much so, in fact, that they begin to fight amongst each other until the peaceful and loving Amazons are reduced to barbarians." When the Black Canary delivered her report to the Justice League, she left out the secret she learned.

The issue that revealed
 the secret of Paradise Island

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