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Smallville - The mythical hometown of Superman (a.k.a. "the Man of Steel") who has been featured  in a number of series including, ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN/SYN/1951-57; SUPERBOY/SYN/1988-91; LOIS & CLARK: THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN/ABC/1993-1999 and the latest incarnation of the Superman franchise SMALLVILLE/WB/CW/2001+ where an unexpected celestial phenomenon (a deadly meteor shower) strikes the town of Smallville, Kansas in October 1989. It kills many and destroys much of the town.

Smallville, Kansas Roadside Sign

Happily, a small child found on the day after the meteor shower was adopted by farmers Jonathan and Martha Kent (John Schneider /Annette O'Toole) and given the name Clark (Tom Welling).

While the arrival of the wonderful child into the life of the Kent's made them joyful, the after effects of the meteor show brought sadness to others in the town including young Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk) whose parents were killed by the falling meteor debris and Alexander "Lex" Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum), the son of a wealthy industrialist who lost all of his rich luxurious red hair after the meteor stuck a cornfield he happened to be in at the time.

As a memento of that tragic event twelve years earlier, teenager Lana Lang now wears a stone remnant of the meteor as a necklace. Unfortunately, the necklace makes town local Clark Kent sick. He soon discovers that he hails from the planet Krypton and that pieces of the planet (green kryptonite) are deadly to his being. The fact that Clark likes Lana and that she wears a kryptonite necklace complicates their relationship.

Aerial view of Smallville, Kansas
Aerial view of Smallville

As teenagers, Clark, and Lana attend Smallville High School. Their sports team is called The Crows. The official newspaper of the Smallville High School's is the Smallville Torch. The newspaper is run by Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack) who keeps a collage of newspaper clipping on the wall of the school newspaper to document all the strange and unexplainable happenings in Smallville (all related to the meteor shower in the late 1980s).

Some of the businesses in town include the local radio station KROW 97.3 FM; KTML-TV; the local newspaper, the Smallville Ledger; and the competing coffee shops, The Beanery (where Lana worked after she quit cheerleading) and The Talon (a former Smallville theater converted into a coffee shop by Lana and her partner Lex). And let's not forget, B.B Davenports' Auto shop, Creekside Foundry, LexCorp facilities and Processing Center, the Kregburne Tavern, Bowl O'Rama, Walt Arnold Stadium.

Local attractions include Crater Lake, where the students from Smallville High School like to party, Burnham Woods, Lemaris Pond and Hob's Pond, Riley Field, Kawatche Caves, Smallville Dam/Morley Reservoir, Souder's Gorge, Smallville Cemetery and the Mill (near a community called Pleasant Meadows).

The nearest big city to Smallville is Metropolis, about three hours away. It is the home base of LuthorCorp as well as the Club Zero, a nightclub frequented by Lex Luthor.

Citizens of Smallville, Kansas
Citizens of Smallviille (L-R)
Martha, Jonathan and Clark Kent,  Lana Lang, Lex Luthor,
Whitney Fordman, Chloe Sullivan and Pete Ross

TRIVIA NOTE: The town of Smallville was first mentioned in the 1949 comic book Superboy #2. On the series SMALLVILLE, the town (founded in 1901) is located in Lowell County, Kansas.

The SMALLVILLE series is filmed in and around Vancouver, BC with the towns of Merritt and Cloverdale specifically used as locations to portray Smallville.

The building used for The Talon is actually The Clova, a movie theater located in Cloverdale outside of Vancouver B.C..

Exterior shots for Kent Farm are actually filmed in Langley, a suburb of Vancouver.

The Luthor Mansion, the 37-room ancestral home of Lex Luthor and his father on the series is actually the Hatley Castle in Victoria, BC, a replica of a 19th century Scottish Castle that was built by then Lieutenant-governor (1906 - 1909) of Canada James Dunsmuir.

Templeton Secondary School - initially a Junior high school in the 1940s - named for William Templeton, a former Vancouver mayor, serves as a set for the television series Smallville.

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