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Walnut, Grove - Rural town featured on the western drama LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE/NBC/1974-83. Founded in 1840 by Lars Hanson (Karl Swenson), Walnut Grove was located at Plum Creek, Minnesota.


Its primary citizen's included:

  • Farmer Charles Ingalls (Michael Landon),
  • his wife, Caroline (Karen Grassle)
  • Their three female children Laura (Melissa Gilbert), Mary (Melissa Sue Anderson), and Carrie (Lindsay & Sidney Greenbush) who lived on a small homestead outside of town;
  • Nels Oleson (Richard Bull), the town's General store owner, his wife Harriet (Katherine MacGregor) and their two children Nellie (Alison Arngrim) and Willie (Jonathan Gilbert);
  • Doctor Baker (Kevin Hagen) the town's physician;
  • Reverend Robert Alden (Dabbs Greer), the town's minister;
  • Lars Hansen (Karl Swenson), the town's Mill owner.

TRIVIA NOTE: On the final two-hour TV Movie episode of the series entitled "Little House-The Last Farewell" broadcast February 6, 1984, the land of the town of Walnut Grove was purchased legally (but through nefarious means) in a land swindle. Instead of leaving their homes, the citizens dynamited the town in an act of final desperation/vengeance, leaving only splintered wood and smoking piles of debris for the new owner.

In reality, the TV Walnut Grove was located on leased farm country in Simi Valley California about 40 miles from Hollywood. Because the lease required that the television production crew return the land to its original condition, the show's producer Michael Landon (died of cancer in 7/1/91) decided to destroy the entire town instead of seeing it bulldozed into oblivion. Scenes of the real destruction of this TV town became part of the final TV episode. See also WESTERNS: "Little House on the Prairie"

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