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Bule Ridge MountainsWalton's Mountain - Mountain top residence of the Walton family featured on the rural drama THE WALTONS/CBS/1972-81. Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Jefferson County, Virginia, "Walton's Mountain" was the home of three generations of the Walton Family including:

  • Will Geer as Grandpa Zeb Walton
  • Ellen Corby as Grandma Esther Walton
  • Ralph Waite as John Walton, their married son
  • Michael Learned as his wife, Olivia
  • Richard Thomas as  eldest son, John Boy
  • Judy Norton-Taylor as daughter, Mary Ellen
  • David W. Harper as son, Jim-Bob
  • Kami Cotler as daughter, Elizabeth
  • Jon Walmsley as son, Jason
  • Mary Elizabeth McDonough as daughter, Erin
  • Eric Scott as son, Ben.

From the days of the Depression through the Second World War, the family lived and loved, and supported themselves with an income produced by the family's small lumber mill operated by Grandpa Zeb and John Walton.

Other friends and nearby residents of Walton's Mountains included:

  • Joe Conley as Ike Godsey (The Local Grocer)
  • Ronnie Claire Edwards as Corabeth Godsey
  • John Crawford as Sheriff Ep Bridges
  • Helen Kleeb as Mamie Baldwin
  • Mary Jackson as Emily Baldwin
  • Mary Wickes as Octvia (Baldwin's Cousin)
  • Lynn Hamilton as Verdie Foster
  • John Ritter as Rev. Mathew Fordwick
  • Mariclare Costello as Rosemary Hunter Fordwick
  • Robert Donner as Yancy Tucker
  • Nora Marlowe as Flossie Brimmer
  • Merie Earle as Maude Gormsley
  • Tom Bower as Dr. Curtis Willard
  • Peter Fox as Rev. Hank Buchanan
  • Lewis Arquette as J.D. Picket
  • Michael Reed as John Curtis Willard
  • Leslie Winston as Cindy Brunson Walton
  • Peggy Rea as Rose Burton
  • Martha Nix as Serena Burton
  • Keith Mitchell as Jeffrey Burton
  • Lisa Harrison as Ton Hazleton
  • Richard Gilliland as Arlington Wescott Jones
  • Victor Izay as Doc Vance

At the end of the series, after the death of both grandparents, John Walton sold the mill to his son Ben. John accompanied his wife to California so she could recuperate from Tuberculosis.

The program was filmed on sound stages and backlots of the Burbank Studios in Burbank, California with additional location shooting done in nearby areas to do mountain and woodland scenes. The towns of Hickory Creek, Waynesboro and Charlottesville were nearby municipalities mentioned on the series.

The Walton's Home

THE WALTON'S was based on the childhood memories of writer Earl Hamner, Jr. who narrated each episode. He had previously written the script for the 1960s motion picture Spencer's Mountain (1963), a precursor to the series and the made-for-TV movie pilot The Homecoming (1971).

The series spawned a number of two-hour TV-Movies that brought the family back to Walton's Mountain. They included:

  • A Decade of the Walton's (05/22/1980) CBS
  • A Wedding on Walton's Mountain (02/22/1982) NBC
  • Mother's Day on Walton's Mountain (05/09/1982) NBC
  • A Day for Thanks on Walton's Mountain (11/22/1982) NBC
  • A Walton Thanksgiving (11/21/1993) CBS
  • A Walton Wedding (02/12/1995) CBS
  • A Walton Easter (03/31/1997) CBS

In real-life, Hamner's family lived in the small town of Schuyler, Virginia (pop. 400). On October 24, 1992, some 6,000 zealous fans converged on the friendly hamlet of Schuyler for the opening of the Walton's Mountain Museum which showcased replicas of the famous Walton kitchen, living room, John-Boy's bedroom and Ike Godsey's store.

The museum was conceived by Schuyler county supervisor Woody Greenberg to boost the town's economy. With the exception of John Boy's eyeglasses, most of the museum was filled with furniture from antique stores and thrift shops because the "Waltons" sets were destroyed by a fire at the Warner Brothers Studios in late 1991 (People Weekly 11/9/92 p.63-64).

TRIVIA NOTE: In 1987, genealogy researcher Johni Cerny traced the roots of comedian Bill Cosby through three generations of slaves in an area known as Walton's Mountain. Documented in the special 75th anniversary issue of National Genealogical Society Quarterly, Cerny established that Bill Cosby was a descendant of Zach Cosby, a freed slave who reared 18 children on Walton's Mountain in Nelson County, Virginia, after the Civil War. The same mountain which was the inspiration for THE WALTONS.

On the episode "The One with the Boobies" of the sitcom FRIENDS/NBC/1994-2004. Joey Tribianni (Matt LeBlanc) comments on his family's dysfunctional situation "Yeah. He's (Joey's dad) gonna keep cheating on my Ma, like she wanted. My Ma's gonna keep pretending she doesn't know, even though she does. And my little sister, Tina can't see her husband anymore 'cause he got a restraining order-which has nothing to do with anything, except, I found our today." His friend Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry) responds "Things sure have changed here on Walton's Mountain.

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