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Loonette the Clown - Black-haired clown with freckles and a red nose featured on the award winning educational program for preschoolers, THE BIG COMFY COUCH/SYN/PBS/1993+.

Loonette the Clown - BIG COMFY COUCH

Alyson Court played Loonette, an energetic clown who sat on a big, comfy couch with a floral print and played with her best friend, a doll named Molly Dolly (manipulated by Bob Stutt). Together, Loonette and Molly played games, read stories and participated in imaginative activities that taught sharing and caring for others.

The freckle-faced Loonette sported black hair (with side pony-tails), a round red ball on her nose, black and white striped stocking, loose uniform-like dress and a blue hat. Her dolly, Molly (a miniature version of Loonette without the hat) didn't speak, but communicated by moving her arms and legs and pointing at things.

The huge oversized couch used on the show helped create the illusion that the adult actress Alyson Court was a small child sitting on a large couch (an idea used by comedian Lily Tomlin in the '60s & '70s when she sat in an oversized rocking chair playing the role of her little girl character Edith Ann).

Loonette and Friends - THE BIG COMFY COUCH

Special recurring themes and activities on the show included Clock Rug Stretch (Loonette stretched on a "clock rug" by moving her arms and legs like clock hands); Dance Academy (Loonette performed in fancy costumes at the Dance Academy); The Alphabet Game (Loonette formed letters of the alphabet with her body); The Foley Family (Dad, Mom and Andy Foley explored family issues); Storybook Time (Loonette read a story to Molly every day); and The 10 Second Tidy (encouraged children to clean up after themselves)

Regulars on the program included:

  • Fred Stinson as Major Bedhead
  • Grindi Kuchirka as Granny Garbonzo
  • Taborah Johnson as Auntie Macassar
  • Gary Farmer as Wobbly
  • Fred Stinson as Roberto
  • Fred Stinson, Jani Lavzon and Jackie Harris as The Foley Family
  • Bob Stutt and Rob Mills as The Dust Bunnies

The series concept was created by Cheryl Wagner. The Big Comfy Couch was produced by Radical Sheep Productions based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The Radical Sheep Shop, headed by Karen Valleau, built and performed all the puppets and props seen on program.

Theme Song Lyrics

Are you ready
Are you ready
Are you ready to clown around?
With Loonette and Molly
A clown and her dolly
On the big comfy couch

There is lots to doodle do
Loonette loves to sing for you
With a wiggle and a giggle and loony friends
The playtime silliness never ends

Get Ready
All over and under the big comfy couch

Are you ready
Are you ready
Are you ready to clown around?
With Loonette and Molly
A clown and her dolly
On the big comfy couch

Loonette and Molly made a special guest appearance on an installment of THE ROSIE O'DONNELL SHOW on January 18, 1999. Host Rosie O'Donnell dressed up to look like Loonette and sat and played with her and Molly on "The Big Comfy Couch."

As of 2006, Ramona Gilmour-Darling replaced Alyson Court as Loonette the Clown who played the role from 1993-2003.

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