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Clyde and His ZappersHowdy, I'm Clyde, chief wrangler in the employ of the marvelous TeyVey-A-Tuba, the Digital Diva of Channel Surfing.

It's my job to keep an army of electrically-charged creatures called "Zappers" on track so they can deliver the planet's TV signals to their proper destinations, so that TV viewers everywhere can flawlessly switch from one channel to the next to obtain their favorite TV shows.

The Zappers are binary herds of zeros and ones. There are billions of them, but you'll never see them because they're the size of an atom.

Now some of you might ask how do I see these Zappers. Well, Superman has X-Ray vision and I have electromagnetic and microscopic vision. There ain't a Zapper been born that I can't find. And believe me, they can be tricky critters.

With my ability to teleport instantaneously anywhere on the globe, I keep those digital doggies rollin', rollin', rollin' 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And, if they get out of line, I snag 'em with my trusty electro-lasso or corral them with a crack of my rawhide whip.


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