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  • Beldar Conehead, an alien from the planet Remulak who lives with his outer space family in the suburbs of New Jersey;
  • Elwood Blues, of the blues/soul group, the Blues Brothers;
  • Georg Festrunk, brother of Yortuk, both political refugees from Czechoslovakia who moved to New York City and turned into swingers in polyester shirts and tight slacks ("It is certainly not difficult now for any woman to notice our bul-ges."; "Fox-es!"; "You American girls have such big breasts all the time!"; "We are two wild and crazy guys!");
  • E. Buzz Miller, a chain-smoking TV exercise guru on public access Channel D who made overt sexual comments to Christie, his flexible but air-headed assistant (Laraine Newman);
  • Leonard Pinth-Garnell, host of "Bad Playhouse" a film critic sitting in a director's chair amidst a stack of film cans who evaluates terrible films (at the end of the show he dumps the film into a trash can);
  • George, burger griller on the Olympia Restaurant skit ("No cheeseburger, no hamburger, no burger");
  • Bass-O-Mattic Salesman (and Salesman for other Rovco products like Bat-O-Matic, Steroid Tulips, Mohawk Master, and Chinch Range);
  • Sheriff Brody in the Land Shark skits;
  • Jimmy Joe Red Sky, a motel employee always seen in the lounge ("He's an Indian, and they don't lie.");
  • Chuck Neehauser, Saint Mickey's Knights of Columbus;
  • Bob Widette (a big butted man in a family of big butts);
  • Ray the Telepsychic;
  • Mel the butcher, in Mel's Char Palace and Mel's Hide Haven;
  • Fred Garvin, male prostitute (Aykroyd's favorite character);
  • Celebrity impressions of Julia Child ("Now I've done it - I've cut the dickens out of my finger"), Rod Serling, Jimmy Carter, Richard M. Nixon, Tom Snyder and Bob Dole.

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