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  • The Professor, a seemingly educated man (he actually knows nothing) wearing a crushed top hat and disheveled formal wear who smoked a stubby cigar and spoke with a German accent, for example, Professor Von Houdinoff - an expert on Magicians, Professor Von Sedative - an expert on Sleep Theory, and Sigmund Von Fraidy Katz - a zany psychiatrist;
  • Guiseppe Marinara, an Italian film authority;
  • Somerset Winterset, a pseudo-intelligent storyteller/writer (Parody of author Somerset Maugham);
  • Cool Seas, a super-cool progressive jazz saxophonist who wore really thick-lensed glasses and spoke gibberish (Because of an angry fan letter from a Midwestern teacher who taught children with bad eyesight, Sid Caesar renamed the character Progress Hornsby sans glasses);
  • Charlie & Doris Hickenlooper, a mismatched married couple played by Sid Caesar & Imogene Coca (later changed to "The Victors" with Nanette Fabray replacing Coca);
  • The Commuters, a sketch with Sid Caesar, Carl Reiner & Howard Morris as suburbanites who take the same train to & fro work daily;

Callan, Bryan: MAD TV
  • Pool Boy, sidekick on "Cabana Chat";
  • Tony Bright, Guest on "Incredible Findings";
  • Mark, Joel and Connie's Son;
  • Celebrity impressions of Jim Carrey, Bill Clinton, Frank Gifford, Jack Kevorkian, Cosmo Kramer, Matthew McConauhey, Luke Perry, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Steven Seagal.

Candy, John: SCTV
  • Yosh Schmenge, a cohost (with brother Stan) of "The Happy Wanderers," a polka variety show;
  • Gil Fisher, the "Fishin' Musician";
  • William B.Williams, a suck-up announcer on the Sammy Maudlin talk show;
  • Big Jim McBob (with Billy Sol Hurok) from the Farm-Film Celebrity Blow-up Report ("May the Lord take a liking to you and Blow you up real soon!");
  • Dr. Tongue, a weird scientist whose main concern in life was getting women (He starred in such films as Dr. Tongue's 3-D House of Slave Chics in SMELL-A-RAMA and Tip O'Neal's 3-D House of Representatives.);
  • Johnny La Rue, a goofy TV celebrity;
  • Tommy Shanks;
  • Harry, the man with a snake on his face;
  • Steve Roman, plays Angel, a Mexican jockey who investigates crimes at racetracks;
  • Mr. Messenger on 'Mrs. Falbo's Tiny Town';
  • Mr. Mambo, character from a stereo commercial; Dr, Braino character from a SCTV Movie of the Week "The Nobel Part 1";
  • Paul Fistinyour face, character from SCTV's live dance show;
  • Dan Ellsmire character from a Reverend Dan Ellsmire Commercial;
  • Stephen Seely, character from 'Pre-Teen World';
  • Dr. William Wainwright, character from soap opera 'Days of the Week' (DOTW).
  • Celebrity impressions of Orson Welles, Luciano Paverotti, Divine, Curly Howard, Richard Burton, Julia Child, Darryl Sittler, Tip O'Neal, Herve Villachaize, and Jimmy the Greek.

  • Maxi the Taxi, a cabbie.


  • Al Sleet, the hippy-dippy weatherman (Hey, Baby, What's happening? Tonight's forecast is...dark");
  • The Hippy Dippy Postman (Que Pasa, What's Happening");
  • Weird Willie West, a fast-talking hard rock deejay (Broadcasting over the Wonderful W-I-N-O, 1750 on your dial, just above the police calls, kids");
  • Biff Burns Sportlight Spotlight who spewed irrational sports information ("only one baseball game today and this is the final score: St. Louis-5, Cincinnati-3; Chicago-1...and now some quick basketball scores 100 to 104, 98 to 102, 113 to 114, 117 to 111");
  • Wacky newscaster on segments of THE TONIGHT SHOW ("Good evening...once again the little hand is on the four, the big hand is on the two and it's time for the Six O'clock report....In labor news the longshoremen walk off the piers today; rescue operations are continuing.").

  • Percy Crump, the mailman;
  • Professor James D. Enright, a world traveler and lecturer;
  • Ed Norton, a hapless New York City sewer worker;
  • Clem Finch, a quiet individual sitting at a restaurant counter to whom Charlie Loudmouth Bratton (Jackie Gleason) gives a bad time ("Someday, I'm gonna kill that man!");
  • Newton the Waiter at the Silver Swan Cafe (& the Golden Goose Cafe);
  • Charlie the Doorman.

  • Dicky Peterson, a nerdy street guardian (a Cherub of Justice);
  • Fire Marshal Bill, an accident prone fireman (Inspired by a comedy skit idea featuring "Half-Flesh Man" a corpse-like person who modeled as a medical dummy);
  • Vera De Milo, an ugly female bodybuilder (Inspired by a woman Carrey saw in Gold's Gym);
  • Parnel, a geeky youngster with glasses and a sloppy haircut ("I'm not spitting. I happen to have a slight overbite that makes it difficult for me to contain my saliva.")
  • Celebrity impressions of Vanilla Ice.

Carson, Johnny: THE TONIGHT SHOW
  • Carnac the Magnificent, an inept turbaned borderline psychic ("May a weird camel...");
  • Floyd R. Turbo, a super-patriot (a.k.a. "Mr. Silent Majority");
  • El Moldo, a caped magician/psychic who does nothing right;
  • Art Fern, the TV pitchman of Tea Time Movie;
  • Aunt Blabby, a feisty old senior citizen (When Ed McMahon asked "Is the situation grave? She hits him saying "Never say "Grave" to an old person");
  • Carswell, a fortune-teller predicting the future;
  • The Great Carsoni, an inept magician;
  • Faharishi, an eastern yogi mystic;
  • Father Time, a bearded mythological personality;
  • The Mighty Carson Art Players spoofing movies TV shows, and news events.
  • Johnny Carson also talked about his friends ("harks back to his childhood days on the plains of Nebraska") including,
    • Becky Easy and Laverne DeMammary, his childhood girlfriends;
    • Vee Deeah, the never seen but talked about NBC resident psychic who made yearly predictions;
    • Leopold Feckner and Filo Syckes, both Burbank inventors (Created a cross walk button not connected to anything);
    • Monty Zuma, his travel agent;
    • Bombastic Buskin, his financial advisor.


  • Enid Strict, aka "The Church Lady," a pious cable TV host ("Isn't that special);
  • Hans of Hans and Franz, an Austrian weightlifter (who wants to " up!");
  • Garth Algar, bespectacled sidekick of Wayne Campbell on the cable show Wayne's World ("Party On Wayne! Schwing!" "We're not Worthy!");
  • Ching Change, an Asian store owner;
  • Lyle Billup, the effeminate heterosexual;
  • Grumpy Old Man ("When I was younger...");
  • Mischu, apprentice of KoKo, the French Clown (Dennis Miller);
  • Derek Stevens, singer of "Chopping Broccoli";
  • Carsenio, Johnny Carson trying to be more hip ("I did not know that");
  • Celebrity impressions of George Bush ("Wouldn't Be Prudent"); Presidential candidate H. Ross Perot ("Can I Talk?"); Johnny Carson, Casey Kasem; Robin Leach; George Michael; Regis Philbin ("I'm outta control!"); John McLaughlin, in the McLaughlin Group skit; Dennis Miller; Dan Quayle; Keith Richards; John Travolta; and Jimmy Stewart.

  • Land Shark ("Candygram!");
  • Weekend Update Anchor ("I'm Chevy Chase, and you're not")
  • Celebrity impressions of Gerald Ford, the stumbling US President; Mr. Spock, Vulcan science officer on Star Trek.
  • Laverne Selinsky, an obnoxious housewife dressed in tight pants, leopard patterned suits and horn rimmed glasses with chain who shared her opinion on everything. (She debuted on "The Dirty Linen" sketch where she talked with her friend Olivia [Terry Garr] as they washed clothes at a Laundromat);
  • The Vamp, a sassy woman in the tradition of silent movie actress Theda Bara who lay odalisque on top of a player piano ("She was a Vamp, scamp, a bit of a tramp. She was a V-A-M-P, Vamp");
  • Donna Jean Brodine, a TV commercial saleswoman with a southern belle persona;
  • Rosa the Waitress, in Sonny's Pizza parlor;
  • Lady Luck;
  • Barbara Nauseous;
  • Holly Farber.

  • Queen Shenequa; a black woman dressed in African gowns and head dress who proudly espoused her heritage ("Kwanzaa is a Swahili word, and it means 'Santa don't come to my house!'");
  • Zoraida, the NBC page ("Who you gettin' loud with!");
  • Celebrity impressions of Surgeon General, Dr. Joycelyn Elders and Whoopi Goldberg.

Coffield, Kelly: IN LIVING COLOR
  • Velma Mulholland, a film noir actress living in a black & white world;
  • Edna Louise, (aka "Little Miss Trouble"), a petulant little girl in love with a geeky boy named Parnel ("Made you look. Made you stare. Made you eat your underwear.");
  • Andrea "Dice" Clay, a female version of the comedian Andrew "Dice" Clay whose routines put down men.

  • Margaret Hedley from the hardest working West Indian family, the Hedleys ("Hey, Mon!")

  • Mr. Tudball, an executive with a Swedish accent who deals with his incompetent secretary,
  • Mrs. Higgins (played by Carol Burnett);
  • Old Man character, who took forever to shuffle just a few feet.

  • Fernando, a suave, vain Latino host of TV talk show "Fernando's Hideaway" inspired by actor Fernando Lamas ("You look, mahvelous!" and "I would rather look good that feel good");
  • Peanut Man, an old Jewish man and former boxer who now sold peanuts and popcorn for 25 cents a bag at a sports stadium;
  • Buddy Young, a cigar-smoking comic with traces of Milton Berle,
  • Ricky, a middle-aged greaser hanging out at a bowling alley ("Un-be-wee-vable!");
  • Lew Goldman, an aging greyhaired Jewish sports announcer in a sweater and bow tie;
  • Willie, a blue-collar worker who carried on disgusting conversations about self-mutilation with his buddy Frankie played by Christopher Guest ("Do you know what I hate? When I put my tongue in a sprocket feed of a self-starting film projector till my tongue gets stuck against the red hot projector bulb until its starts to burn.. So I get a shrimp fork and pry it loose. "Yeah, I hate that, too" says Frankie);
  • Penny Lane, a husky-voiced transvestite pianist at the Club Flamingo Parrot who plays music that reflect what's happening in the club (When a customer shows a photo of his little daughter Penny plays "How much is that doggie in the window" with a follow up of "Just Kidding!");
  • Celebrity impressions of Mohammad Ali, Yul Brynner, Howard Cosell, Alan King,  Don Rickles and Sammy Davis, Jr. and Joe Franklin, a low-key, balding talk show host with a monotone voice whose guests were as exciting as a broken egg shell.
  • Enid Loopner, Lisa's mother in 'The Nerds' skit;
  • Point-Counterpoint debater (Jane, you ignorant slut!");
  • Prymaat Conehead, the wife of alien Beldar Conehead;
  • Betty Widette (a big butted woman in a family of big butts);
  • Celebrity impressions of Anita Bryant, Joan Crawford, Betty Ford, and Rula Lenska.

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