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Davidson, Tommy: IN LIVING COLOR

  • Howard (& Clavell), The 'B.S. Brothers', two brothers who owned "Funky Finger Productions";
  • Byron Hedley from the hardest working West Indian family, the Hedleys ("Hey Mon!")
  • Celebrity impressions of Sammy Davis, Jr., Sugar Ray Leonard, and Spike Lee.

  • Denise, Bostonian teen  (whose boyfriend Sully is played by Jimmy Fallon);
  • Virginia, the creepily amorous wife and “lover” to Professor Klarvin (Will Ferrell);
  • Lynn Bershadin, soft-spoken co-host in the “Delicious Dish” sketch (with Ana Gasteyer);
  • Sheldon the co-host of “Wake Up Wakefield” opposite Maya Rudolph;
  • Nicole, “The Girl with No Gaydar.”
  • Celebrity impression of Calista Flockhart from "Ally McBeal.”


  • Babette, the international singer/sex kitten and "Weekend Update" correspondent;
  • Mrs. Campbell, Wayne's mom on "Wayne's World" skits;
  • Dr. Denise Venetti, host of "Learning to Feel";
  • Liz Sweeney, a motel circuit singing entertainer who performs with her sister Candy (Jane Hooks) in the "Sweeney Sisters" ("We're having so much fun. Call the fun police!");
  • Pat Stevens, a talk show hostess;
  • Linda Dano, host of "Attitudes" ("Uh-huh, Super, Great, Wow");
  • Celebrity impressions of Pat Schroeder, Joan Baez, Mary Hart, Tyne Daly, Jeane Dixon, Leona Helmsley, Jeane Kirkpatrick, Ann Landers, Imelda Marcos, Lisa Minnelli, Martina Navritalova, and Nancy Reagan.

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