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  • Cinder Calhoun, a socially conscious "wordsmith folkist" who sings satirical protest songs like "Basted in Blood" about turkey eating;
  • Margaret Jo, monotonous co-host of NPR's fictional "Delicious Dish" radio program;
  • Bobbi Moughan-Culp, a horrible pseudo-soul medley singling middle school music teacher;
  • Kincaid, a take-off of MTVs Kennedy personality;
  • Mrs. Attebury, a rich, boring, vacuous housewife;
  • Janet Blaum, an unsuccessful insulter;
  • Gayle Gleason, "Pretty Living" host;
  • Margaret Joe McCullan, "Delicious Dish" co-host;
  • Member of the moral-teaching group The Rocky Roads
  • Josephine, Lou's pregnant daughter;
  • Celebrity impressions of Martha Stewart, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Liddy Dole, Mia Farrow, Joy Behar, Glenn Close, Ann B. Davis (a.k.a. Alice the maid on The Brady Bunch), Elizabeth Dole, Carrie Donovan, Mia Farrow, Calista Flockhart, Jamie Gangel, Kathy Griffin, Helen Gurley-Brown, Linda Lopez, Andie MacDowell, Debbie Matenopoulos, Susan McDougal, Sally Jessy Raphael, Joan Rivers, Cokie Roberts, Diane Sawyer, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Liz Smith, Mary Tillotson, and singers Barbara Streisand, Sexy Spice, Jewel, Madonna and Celine Dion.

  • The Poor Soul, a well-meaning lad in an uphill battle with life;
  • Joe the Bartender, a local bartender who carried on a monologue with regulars like Mr. Dunahee (unseen), looney drunk Crazy Guggenheim, Morrarity the Undertaker, Duddy Duddleson and Bookshelf Robinson;
  • Charley the Loudmouth, an irritating bachelor;
  • Reginald "Reggie" Van Gleason III, Park Avenue playboy philosopher with a penchant for booze who wore a tuxedo, cape, top hat and cane (Theme Song "Shangri La");
  • Rudy the Helpless Repairman;
  • Pedro the Mexican;
  • Fenwick Babbitt, the man out for revenge against people who annoy him;
  • Rum Dum, the drunk;
  • Stanley R. Sogg, the announcer for the Late, Late, Late, Late, Late, Late, Late, Late, Show who advertised Mother Fletcher's Products;
  • Ralph Kramden, a loudmouthed bus driver featured on HONEYMOONERS skits.

Goulding, Ray: BOB & RAY
  • Mary McGoon;
  • Arthur Sturdly and his no talent scouts;
  • Steve Bosco, sportswriter;
  • Hartford Harry, a private eye;
  • Helen Harkness, a sob sister;
  • Mr. Track.

  • Clavell (& Howard) The 'B.S.' Brothers, two brothers who owned "Funky Finger Productions";
  • Antoine Merriweather, one of two gay movie critics from the "Men on Films" skit ("Two Snaps Up!");
  • Calhoun Tubbs, a one-note blues guitar player.

  • Chi Chi Consuela, a dimwitted entertainer; and celebrity impressions of Mary Richards from THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW;
  • Alfalfa from the OUR GANG Comedies,
  • Celebrity Impressions of politician Geraldine Ferraro, actress Brooke Shields, and sex-therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer.

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