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  • Steve Butabi and his brother Doug (Will Ferrell), aka the "Roxbury Guys," two club hopping, head banging wannabe swingers who are unsuccessful at picking up women (they dance to the song "What is Love" by Haddaway);
  • Azrael Abyss (a.k.a. "Prince of Sorrow"), co-host of fictional cable access show called "Goth Talk" (with Molly Shanon);
  • Mango, an enigmatic, exotic dancer;
  • Mr. Peepers, a half-man, half-monkey;
  • Suel Forrester, an unintelligible man who speaks gibberish;
  • White trash couple (with Amy Poehler) who “love each other so hard.”
  • Eddie Lewis
  • Celebrity impressions of Bill Gates, Ben Affleck, David Spade, Geraldo Rivera, Scary Spice, Al Pacino, Anne Heche, Bono, Ricky Martin. and Antonio Banderas, as the host of "How Do You Say? Ah, Yes Show" ("Oh, No. You're too sexy" and "But I must!").
  • Latka Gravas, a befuddled European immigrant and taxi cab mechanic ("Thank you very much!");
  • Foreign Man, a shy, lip-biting, eye-blinking, stammering foreigner with no apparent talent trying to make it as a comedian in America (the inspiration for the Latka Gravis character);
  • Vic Ferrari, Latka's swinging egotistical split personality who thought he was God's gift to women;
  • The World Champion Intergender Wrestler, who offered $500 to any woman who could pin him down ("Lady, ya had a lousy three minutes. Now go back to the kitchen where you belong");
  • Armageddon T. Thunderbird, the most powerful media evangelist in the world (Character seen in movie "In God We Trust");
  • Tony Clifton, a paunchy hard-nosed night club entertainer who wears wraparound shades, a green sofa-print tuxedo whose rendition of "My Way" bores and nauseates his audience to anger; and his dead-on impression of rock singer Elvis Presley.
  • Jerome, a shy, clumsy bachelor with a clogged nose ("Helwo, my name is Jerwome!").

  • Dr. Jack Badofsky, a frail, frightened little doctor who dispenses advice on segments of Saturday Night Live. ("If you should make love to a person at a Sno-Kone stand, you could get slurpes...and kissing your canary you cause a bad spell of chirpes.");
  • Havnagootiim Vishnuuerheer, The Guru, a robed eastern mystic who dispenses wisdom ("Why do South American dictators insist on wearing sunglasses and skinny little mustaches when they know it only makes them look sleazy?").
Keymah, T'keyah "Crystal": IN LIVING COLOR
  • Crissy, a little black girl waiting for her mother who imagines she's in "Black World" where everything is "good and black");
  • Hilda Hedley, from the hardest-working West Indian family, the Hedleys ("Hey, Mon!").
  • Percy Dovetonsils, a silly lisping, Martini-drinking poet in thick glasses;
  • Eugene, a non-speaking gentle soul in a slightly small suit and straw hat;
  • Uncle Gruesome, a horror show host; and Aunt Gruesome;
  • Dr. Ludwig Von Pablum, a child psychologist and author of "Children Are People Only Smaller";
  • Wolfgang von Sauerbraten, a Bavarian disk jockey who sported a bowler, large drooping black mustache and Sherlock Holmes pipe;
  • Charlie Clod, Charlie Chan's left-handed cousin;
  • Irving Wong, a Chinese song composer;
  • Martin Krutch, a pipe-smoking parody of private eye Martin Kane;
  • Matsa the Magician, a bumbling illusionist with swami hat, cape with hash marks whose magical tricks never worked ("Would some young man from the audience care to come up and assist me?");
  • Matzoh Hepple-White;
  • Nairobi Trio, three musicians costumed in gorilla suits;
  • J. Walter Puppybreath;
  • Miklos Mulnar.

Kilbane, Pat: MAD TV
  • Java Joe
  • Celebrity impressions of Michael Eisner, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Howard Stern

Kushell, Lisa: MAD TV
  • Celebrity impressions of Farrah Fawcett and Paula Jones.

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