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LaMarr, Phil: MAD TV

  • Desperation Lee, Host of "Funky Walker Dirty Talker," ("Baby, I wanna get inside your church and start speaking in tongues");
  • UBS Guy, a hyperactive parcel post delivery man named Jack;
  • "My White Mama" skit,
  • Celebrity impressions of Billy Crystal, Louis Farrakhan, Michael Jackson, Martin Lawrence, Spike Lee, Nelson Mandela, Sidney Poitier, Prince, Tupac Shakur, Sinbad, Montel Williams, and Stevie Wonder.
Lange, Artie: MAD TV
  • Celebrity impressions of Babe, George Clooney, Dennis Franz, Newt Gingrich, Ed McMahon, Rosie O'Donnell, Joe Pesci, Roseanne, and Liz Taylor.

Langston, Murray: THE GONG SHOW
  • Unknown Comic, a corny television comedian who tells jokes with a paper bag over his head.
  • Sheneneh, a dimwitted neighbor;
  • Otis, the Security Guard;
  • Jerome, a hippie neighborhood friend.
  • Beyondo, a floating head that makes predictions;
  • Iron Jay, a large chinned physical fitness expert;
  • Evil Jay, Jay Leno's evil twin who appears at the full moon;
  • Mr. Brain, a cantankerous genius with large head ("Mr. Brain, can reindeer really fly? Yeah, if you hit them just right with a Porsche!");
  • Billy Tuttle, the wheezing overweight owner of Billy's Burger Barn who had a huge butt and a love for greasy food (especially "Cheese!");
  • Johnny Stunade, the owner of a resort called "Mob World";
  • Larry the Lawyer, a legal huckster who guaranteed to get huge settlements for the most trivial offenses;
  • Johnny Allegro, the World's Handsomist Garbage Man;
  • Bob Johnson, a gay curator selling TV artifacts rejected by the Smithsonian.

Levy, Eugene: SCTV
  • Stan Schmenge, cohost (with brother Yosh) of "The Happy Wanderers," a polka variety show;
  • Mel Slurp, host of "Mel's Rock Pile," a satire of DON KIRSHNER'S ROCK CONCERT;
  • Bobby Bittman, (a.k.a. "Herschel Schlansky"), a boisterous, insincere entertainer who was the combination of Sammy Davis and a bad Vegas lounge act ("How are ya!");
  • Earl Camerber, a feuding on-air broadcaster;
  • Sid Dithers, hard of hearing man with thick Jewish accent;
  • Bruno, the knarled, hunchback companion of Dr. Tongue (played by John Candy).

  • Tommy Flanagan, the pathological liar ("Yeah, that's the ticket.");
  • Tonto, the Lone Ranger's sidekick;
  • The Annoying Man;
  • The Critic;
  • The Master Thespian ("Acting!");
  • Biff, in Biff and Salena (Joan Cusack) skit ;
  • Frenchie;
  • Girl Watcher (with Tom Hanks);
  • Hanukkah Harry ("On Moische! On Herschel! On Schlomo!...delivering toys for Jewish girls and Jewish boys");
  • Evelyn Quince, host of "Tales of Ribaldry,"
  • Celebrity impressions of Gene Shalit, David Crosby, Michael Kukakis, Queen Elizabeth, and Harvey Fierstein.

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