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  • Kiki Howard-Smith, a South African golf pro;
  • Sara Downey, a materialistic Yuppie;
  • Ceci Beckwith, an anthropologist living with monkeys in the wilds of Africa;
  • Ginny Tillman, a divorcee;
  • Francesca, a teenager living with her gay father and his lover;
  • Kay, an insecure spinster living with her mother;
  • Tina, a postal worker.


  • Trevor Ayliss, gay, 40-year-old British airline steward with boyfriend, Barry;
  • Virginia Bugge, 40-year-old Lady in Waiting to Royalty born in Rhodesia (husband Timmy is the Minister of Fishing and Game);
  • Chic, an argumentative male chauvinist New York City cab driver (offers Thigh Master to customers);
  • Kay Clark, 42-year-old spinster living in Panorama City, LA, with disabled mother, (She works at Van Nuys Savings and Loan);
  • Hope Finch, 20-year-old liberal college student who fights for the underdog;
  • Rayleen Gibson, a coarse 35-year-old Australian stuntwoman, married to a little person (Mitch);
  • Birdie Godsen, Right-Wing housewife from North Carolina;
  • Linda Granger, has-been Los Angeles actress who works Dinner Theater ("Love Letters"), does Infomercials, and authors the autobiography I'm Still Here;
  • Sydney Kross, tough, ambitious LA lawyer who treats his assistants like dirt;
  • Erin McColl, 47-year-old rock singer and former lead singer of 70's super-group "Wisechild.";
  • Mrs. Noh Nang Ning, Asian donut shop owner, who relates everything to the donut;
  • Janie Pillsworth, 35-year-old tough Manhattan magazine editor, originally from Britain; Queen of England (Her Royal Highness) who insults everyone because she can;
  • Ruby Romaine, elderly alcoholic make-up artist from Hollywood's heyday, who lives in old Hollywood neighborhood with her son Buddy, a shell-shocked Vietnam Vet;
  • Fern Rosenthal, Jewish lady from Boca Raton (formerly Long Island N.Y.) who lived with her retired pharmacist husband;
  • Harry; Sheneesha Turner, a black airport security guard
  • Chris Warner, an assertive lesbian, "Born Again Christian" living with her golf pro girlfriend, Midge Dexter (Julie Kavner).

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