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Wayans, Damon: IN LIVING COLOR

  • Homey D. Clown, a frustrated street clown ("Homey don't play that!");
  • Blane Edwards, a homosexual film critic ("Two snaps up!");
  • Whiz, the co-host (with Iceman) of the Homeboy Shopping Network ("Yo, yo, yo! All you bad bargain hunters out there. Welcome to the Homeboy Shopping Network");
  • Anton, a filthy, obnoxious Homeless Man;
  • Handi-man, a physically challenged superhero ("Never underestimate the power of the Handicapped!")'
  • The Head Detective, a police detective whose body consists of a head on a pair of shoes;
  • Oswald, a black prisoner (who spoke such lines as " see, when a man liposucks a woman' should I say? uh...mammogram, it is the titillating expression of lubrication between two secreting adults. You dig?");
  • Godfrey Hedley from the hardest-working West Indian family, the Hedleys ("Hey, Mon!").

Wayans, Keenan: IN LIVING COLOR

  • Iceman, the co-host (with Whiz) of the Homeboy Shopping Network ("Yo! Let's show them what we got.");
  • Frenchie, an obnoxious "Partay Animal" in a red platform shoes, yellow vinyl suit, long jheri curls, and gold chains;
  • Tom Brothers (and brother, Tom) two black brothers who acted like white ivy-leaguers.
  • Celebrity impressions of Arsenio Hall and Mayor Marion Barry.


  • Benita Butrell, a gossiping woman from the projects;
  • Laquita, a black version of Lucille Ball in "I Love Laquita" skits.

Wilson, Debra: MAD TV

  • "Lowered Expectations" Spokeswoman
  • Celebrity impressions of Whoopi Goldberg LaToya Jackson, Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, and Oprah Winfrey.


  • Geraldine, a sassy black female with a boyfriend named Killer ("What you see is what you get, Woooo!");
  • Reverend Leroy, pastor of the Church of What's Happenin' Now;
  • Freddie Johnson, Wilson's Everyman character;
  • Herbie the Goodtime's Ice Cream Man. a push cart vendor;
  • Danny Danger, private eye;
  • Sonny, the White House janitor.


  • Elwood P. Suggins, a rural bumpkin ("I'm an illiterate but I got a good outlook on life");
  • Maude Frickett, a feisty old lady ("Age isn't in your mind, it's in every damned part of your body!");
  • Willard (from the "Couple Up the Street" sketches);
  • Chester Honey Hugger, a precocious little boy;
  • Mearth, the baby boy of space alien Mork & Mindy.

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