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Agnes DiPestoAgnes DiPesto's Phone Rhymes - On the detective dramedy MOONLIGHTING/ABC/1985-89 Allyce Beasley played Agnes DiPesto, the spunky yet daffy receptionist for the Blue Moon Detective Agency (formerly knows as "City of Angels Investigations"). When she answered the firm's phone calls, she spoke in rhymed phrases. Some typical exchanges:

"City of Angel Investigations. Lost your stolen property our specialty. You dropped it, we'll spot it. He cheats, we'll peek. Little dog gone? We'll find him before dawn. No job is too big, no job is too small."

"Blue Moon Detective Agency. We're detectives with a heart, we really do our part. In your moment of need, we'll be there indeed. So please don't be shy, just give us a try. We're co-operative and discreet, we really can't be beat. And if I may be so bold, I'd like to put you on hold."

"Blue Moon Investigations. Get in some trouble, we'll be there on the double. Wife a philanderer, don't worry, we'll handle her. Need someone tailed? We've never failed. We break every case, we meet every goal and what's more...aqui se habla español"

"Blue Moon Detective Agency. If persons are missing, if objects are lost, we'll find then for you at a reasonable cost. Your runaway husband that non-paying louse. We'll find and bring him back to the house. Lost a prize winning dog? Lost a prize winning cat? We'll find them both for you in just no time flat. So tell us your problem, it'll all work out fine. Just tell me your problem, it's why I'm on the line.

TRIVIA NOTE: Fans of the series continue to create storylines on a internet site called 'Virtual Moonlighting'. Here is a really funny Agnes Phone Greeting from a virtual episode entitled "The Wedding" Part One.

"Blue Moon Detective Agency. I'm mighty miffed, and I've sure got the reason -- I've only had two stinking lines this whole season. I've kept my mouth shut 'cause as part of the team, I have to agree, season six is supreme. But please try to see it from my point of view. Let me can I best explain it to you? Without the exposure as a well placed rhyme, I suffer from serious lack of "face time." So virtual writers, I'm, pleading with you...Put me back in the spotlight...and remember Bert, too."

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