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Signals (Verbal & Visual)

Bat-Signal - The visual device that alerts crime fighter Batman that he is needed by the Gotham City Police in the DC Comics, the cult classic BATMAN/ABC/1966-68 and subsequent theatrical releases.

Batsignal - BATMAN

The Bat-Signal is projected into the night sky via a large search light. A silhouette of a bat is placed over the search light thus projecting a large bat onto nearby clouds and buildings.

When Batman see the distress signal illuminating the night sky, he rushes to the Batmobile and proceeds to the office of Police Commissioner Gordon to discover what nefarious deeds has been perpetrated.

Bat Signal - BATMAN

TRIVIA NOTE: On episode No. 53 (11/05/97) "Batmobile" of THE DREW CAREY SHOW Drew wins the Batmobile in a contest. During one scene while Drew talks with his girlfriend, Nikki (Kate Walsh), the Bat-Signal is seen outside of Drew's office and he is torn between staying with his girlfriend or checking out the signal ("Must stay here...Must fix relationship...Must ignore Bat-Signal").

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