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Signals (Verbal & Visual)

Captain Video Decoder - To interpret messages sent to the TV members of the Video Rangers who watched the children's program CAPTAIN VIDEO AND HIS VIDEO RANGERS/DUM/1949-55, members used a "premium" secret ray gun with a flashlight" that shot a beam of light from its barrel. The light beam shot through a lum-a-glo card revealing various symbols based on the "planets." Each planet had a different meaning: The following is a breakdown of each message:



Message Decoded


Emergency! Summon all forces


All clear. Situation under control.


Come to my aid!


I am on a secret mission.  Make no attempt to contact me.


Arrange for meeting and advise me of time and place.


Disregard previous message and wait for new instructions.


Make no move until I return


Follow me to secret meeting place. I have discovered the enemy's plan.


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