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Remote Telecarrier - Communication device on the sci-fi series CAPTAIN VIDEO AND HIS VIDEO RANGERS/DUM/1949-55. The Remote Tele-Carrier (a.k.a. "The Remote Carrier Delayed Circuit TV Screen") enabled Captain Video to spy on anyone, anywhere in the world. It could see through walls and even disguises. When not being used for snooping, it displayed images of Captain Video's agents fighting crime in the Old West. (These were actually reedited motion pictures featuring the likes of western stars Tim McCoy, Bob Steel, Ken Maynard and Sunset Carson).

Other gadgets in Captain Video's arsenal included the Radio Scillograph, a long range two-way radio that fitted in the palm of the hand; the Opticon Scillometer and the MangoRadar Screen, which like the Remote Tele-Carrier enabled the Captain to see great distances and through objects; the Astra Viewer used to focus on distant galaxies (it took miniature Polaroid like snapshots); the Atomic Rifle; and the Cosmic Vibrator whose ultrahigh frequencies shook weapons out of the hands of the Captain's opponents.

Speaking of opponents, the Captain's archenemy Dr. Pauli (Hal Conklin) had his own weapons including the Tri-Sonic Compensator which curved the flight of bullets around objects; the Barrier of Silence, a sound dampening field used so he couldn't be heard (Shades of the Cone of Silence on GET SMART/NBC/CBS/1965-70); and a cloak of invisibility.

The evil villains, Atar controlled the Captain's most formidable foe, "Tobor" (robot spelled backwards), an indestructible robot whom the Captain battled on occasion.

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