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AndromedaAndromeda - Artificial female life-form featured on the  sci-fi series A FOR ANDROMEDA/BBC/1961. Andromeda was derived from a supercomputer which itself was constructed from guidelines transmitted through space to Earth by a mysterious signal from the Andromeda Galaxy (picked up by a powerful radio telescope).

British scientists Professor Reinhart, Dr. John Fleming, Professor Dawnay, and Dennis Bridger were assigned to investigate and supervise Andromeda who took her appearance from a dark-haired lab assistant named Christine who was killed by the supercomputer.

The computer then took her DNA, created an embryo which the earth scientist nurtured into a fully grown female replica of Christine with blond hair. They named her Andromeda after the star system where the original radio signals were transmitted. At the end of the first series, Professor Fleming destroys the supercomputer and Andromeda almost drowns.

In the sequel science fiction series THE ANDROMEDA BREAKTHROUGH/BBC/1962, Andromeda and Professor Fleming are kidnapped to the Middle East country of Azaran where they are forced by a nefarious business concern called Intel to rebuild a new super computer from plans they purchased from Bridger, Fleming's deceased partner. Once built, the computer could design a missile defense system that would surpass any on the planet which INTEL could sell.

Meanwhile, the toxic chemicals spewed by the first super computer had mixed with earth's oceans and began absorbing all the planet's nitrogen from the atmosphere. With the help of the newly constructed computer, an antidote for the climatic problems caused by the chemicals was discovered which INTEL now sought to sell to the highest bidder.

Luckily, rebels overthrow Azaran and INTEL and leave Andromeda and Professor Fleming to clean up the mess. This is when we learn that Andromeda's message/mission was to warn anyone who received the radio signals that unchecked technology could destroy all life on their planet, as it had apparently done to the now dead inhabitants of the civilization who sent the radio signal.

This sci-fi serial was conceived by astronomer Fred Hoyle and writer John Elliot. For an updated version of the 'Andromeda' plotline see the sci-fi film Species (1995).

Andromeda walks on a Beach
Andromeda explores
her new world


 Peter Halliday as Dr. John Fleming
Julie Christie as Christine/Andromeda
Susan Hampshire as Andromeda (1962)
Mary Morris as Professor Madeleine Dawnay
Patricia Kneale as Judy Adamson
Esmond Knight as Professor Reinhart
Frank Windsor as Dennis Bridger
Geoffrey Lewis as Dr. Geers
Noel Johnson as J.M. Osborne
Jack May as Major Quadring
Noel Johnson as J.M. Osborne (1962)
John Hollis as Kaufman

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