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BobBob - Computer-generated digital hero from Supercomputer who now lives in Mainframe City on the Saturday morning cartoon REBOOT/ABC/1994-2001. Sporting blue skin and silicon hair, Bob (a.k.a. Guardian 452) protects Mainframe City from the evil virus Megabyte and his computer cronies Hack and Slash. Bob was assisted by his sidekicks, Enzo Matrix and Dot Matrix. Enzo wears a red baseball hat, likes to play Jet Ball, go Circuit Racing, and hates studying ancient computer languages like COBOL and FORTRAN at school. Frisket is Enzo's red and gold pet dog. Dot Matrix, Enzo's older sister runs Dot's Diner, a retro-style eatery on Baudway.

"The future is not determined by the throw of the dice; it is determined by the conscious decisions of you and me."
  -- Phong

Other residents of Mainframe included Binomes, small mechanical creatures (ones and zeroes) and the primary residents of Mainframe; Phong, a knowledgeable elder based in the Principle Office in the center of Mainframe; Turbo, Bob's Mentor and Prime commander of the Guardians who is based in the Supercomputer; Ray Tracer, a talents websurfer; Welman Matrix, Dot and Enzo's father; Mike, Bob's talkative TV set; Cecil, a snooty French-speaking maitre'd at Dots Diner; Captain Capacitor (a.k.a. "The Crimson Binome" who sails a yacht called the Saucy Mare; Mr. Christopher is th ship's first mate' and AI, a One Binome who runes AI's Wait and Eat Cafe n Level 31. Maxine, an Internet search engine; Mouse, a beautiful hacker and mercenary with purple skin who now works for the good guys; and Ardrala, a powerful Artificial Intelligence Game sprite.

Bob, Enzo, Dot and Frisket
Bob, Frisket, Enzo and Dot

Additional villainous characters populating the Mainframe included Hexidecimal, a virus from the island of Lost Angles; Daemon, a supervirus who infected the Supercomputer; Deacon, Daemon's servant; Scuzzy, Hexidecimals' ball-shaped spy; and Null, Megabytes pet that looks like a green and white slug.

Produced by Mainframe Entertainment in Vancouver, British Columbia, REBOOT is the first network TV series produced entirely with computer. The program is filled with an assortment of computer puns and pop culture references.


Michael Benyaer as Bob (1994-1996, 2001)
Ian James Corlett as Glitch-Bob (1997-1998, 2001)
Kathleen Barr as Dot Matrix
Giacomo Baessato as Enzo Matrix #4
Sharon Alexander as AndrAIa (1997-1998, 2001)
Long John Baldry as Captain Capacitor (1994, 1997-1998)/Old Man Pearson (1994-1996, 1997)
Gary Chalk as Slash/Turbo (1996, 1997, 2001)
Colombe Demers as Daemon (2001)
Paul Dobson as Matrix (1997-1998, 2001)
Michael Donovan as Phong/Mike The TV/Cecil/Additional Voices
Donal Gibson as Ray Tracer (1997-1998)
Christopher Gray as Enzo Matrix #3 (1997)
Phil Hayes as Hack #1 (1994-1995)
Tony Jay as Megabyte
Andrea Libman as AndrAIa (young)
(1995-1996, 1997)

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