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Computer-Generated Beings

E. B. the Computer - Electronic personality on the sci-fi series SUPER FORCE/SYN/1990-92.

The essence of E.B. Hungerford within the SUPER FORCE computer

When wealthy industrialist E. B. Hungerford is killed by terrorists, FX Spinner (Larry B. Scott), an enterprising engineer working on E. B. Hungerford's Super Force project programmed a computer with E.B.'s voice pattern (Patrick Macnee) and personality peculiarities, so that he could continue to convince the world that the reclusive billionaire was still alive

The only visual evidence of E.B.'s former self are scrambled patterns of a seemingly human face that appear on a computer screen in the Super Force headquarters.

In on the deception was Detective Zachary Stone (Ken Olandt), a former Mars astronaut who now worked as a police officer. Zach's alter-ego was Super Force, a robotic suit of armor that was protected by an gravitronic force field.

The entire Super Force operation was monitored by electronic telemetry encased in the robotic suit. Together, Zach, FX, the computer expert, and E. B. the computer entity fought crime in the year A.D. 2020.

"This is the year 2020 and the world has changed. In 2020, times are tough, but this man is tougher!"

--E.G. Hungerford, Opening voiceover

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