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Holly the ComputerHolly the Computer - Droll computer generated character (head only) on the British sci-fi comedy RED DWARF/BBC/1988+. At the beginning of each episode Holly the Computer (Norman Lovett) narrated the following: "Three million years from Earth, the mining ship Red Dwarf. Its crew: Dave Lister (Craig Charles), the last human being alive; Arnold Rimmer (Chris Barrie), a hologram of his dead bunk mate; and a creature who evolved from the ship's cat (Danny John-Jules). End Message."

Holly, the not-so-efficient computer intelligence ran the operations of the spacecraft. Unlike 2001's omnipotent computer Hal 9000, Holly had actually gotten senile through the centuries. The series' writers intentionally meant Holly to be mysterious and keep the viewers guessing. Was he putting them on, or was he really insane? Holly's IQ is calculated at 6000 (the equivalent of 6000 PE teachers and 12,000 car park attendants).

Once when a meteor hit the ship, Lister asked Holly for a damage report. Holly responded "I don't know. The damage report machine has been damaged." Another time when Lister was holding cables he asked Holly "Where does the cable go?" "I think that one plugs into the yellow cable, says Holly. "Or is it the white one?" No, it's the yellow cable!" Lister then plugs them in and gets electrocuted to which Holy remarked "No, it's definitely the white cable."

To get on Lister's his nerves, Holly created a hologram projection of Arnold Rimmer, Lister's irritating former bunkmate. Holly could have chosen to make the hologram's image from any of 168 personnel on file (all of whom Lister liked) but he specifically chose Arnold Rimmer to annoy Lister and keep him on his toes in the boredom of space.

At the beginning of each episode, Holly would offer some commentary such as "Our biggest enemy is going space crazy through loneliness. The only thing that helps me maintain my slender grip on reality is the friendship I share with my collection of singing potatoes."

Holly once said that he chose his face (from his data archives) to conform to the image of the most prolific lover who ever lived (but never gave the source name. Casanova, perhaps?).

Holly the Girl ComputerLater in the series, Holly's computer screen image was replaced by a blond female (Hattie Hayridge). The female face in question belonged to a female counterpart named Hilly that Holly met in an other dimension. He became so enamored with her image that he wore her face and spoke with her voice for a period of time (series 3-6). The Holly character later took a backseat to a robot named Kryten (Robert Llewellyn) who performed much of the exposition previously given to Holly. Holly's original male entity (Lovett) returned later in the series when Kryten's nanobots stole Red Dwarf and restored Holly to his former self despite having rotted in space for two hundred years. See also - "Loquatia  and "Liberator Spacecraft & Zen"

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