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Sebastian JackalSebastian Jackal - Sebastian Jackal - A computer generated villain dressed in a white suite and hat on the science fiction adventure DEADLY GAMES/UPN/1995-96.

Sebastian Jackal was a by-product of a computer program designed by scientist Gus Lloyd, whose experiments with pure energy, antimatter and computer games accidentally created an evil holographic form of life who sought to conquer the planet.

Now living in the real world, Sebastian called forth a legion of diabolical henchmen inspired by Gus' own experiences, (for example, his ex-mother-in-law, or a former tormenting high school jock) who sought to kill him and his ex-wife. Lauren.

Now Gus' mission is to shut his creations down and save the world. Sebastian Jackal's personality (as programmed by Gus) was a combination of The Devil and Gus' father, Jordan Kenneth Lloyd.

The first thing Sebastian Jackal did when he popped into the real world (via an explosion of white smoke) was to follow his programming and seek out "the girl" in the game and kidnap her.

Unfortunately, the girl in the game was fashioned after Gus' ex-wife, Lauren Ashborne who now became the target of Sebastian's obsession.

Gus rescued Lauren, filled her in on the programming accident, and then, they both set out to defeat Sebastian with the help of their friend Peter Rucker. In his game, Gus had programmed himself as the hero, a.k.a. "The Cold Steel Kid"

Each of the villains in the game could only be destroyed by a particular weakness that Gus programmed into the game. For example, fastidious Evil Shirley (modeled after Gus' former mother-in-law), could be stopped with gun that shot dirt; and the evil version of Gus' ex-boss (who fired people with exploding pink slips) could be destroyed by red ink, literally.

Cast of 'Deadly Games
Peter, Gus ("The Cold Steel Kid") and Lauren

Roster of Sebastian's Evil Sidekicks

Killshot: Quarterback who throws missiles.
Evil Shirley: Cold-hearted mother figure patterned after Lauren's mother. She shots killer icicles and tired to plant a bomb on a cruise ship.
Mr. Metcalf: Fashioned after Gus' first boss. He fires deadly exploding pink slips.
Chuck Manley: Gus' sadistic childhood camp counselor
The Practical Jokester: Danny Schlecht, the Practical Jokester. He plants a bomb in Gus' VCR.
Car Mechanic: Ross Logan, a maniacal car mechanic who plans to derail a train.
The Divorce Lawyer: Lauren's divorce lawyer who is charged with 10,000 volts. He attempts to electrify the Supreme Court Justices' chairs.
The Motivational Speaker: Nathan Adler, a motor-mouthed villain who tries to poison the New Year's Eve ball at Times Square.
Trash Man: Evil sanitation engineer with tanks of radioactive goo.
Dr. Kramer: Crazed dentist who plans to pump lethal amounts of laughing gas into a comedy club.

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